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3 Tips to Maximizing Self-Storage Space Get The Coupon When you’re trying to uncluttered your life, a Lone Star self-storage unit can be just the thing you need to help you get the job done. But do you know how to make the most of the space that unit offers [...]

How to Find a Good Moving Company Get The Coupon Pack and unpack painlessly. And call Lone Star Self Storage in South Austin to help stow the “leftovers.” Sometimes, you can’t manage a move by yourself and need to call a moving company. You can go online or check  the local [...]

3 Kinds of Moving Estimates Get The Coupon Moving can be a pain, but using Lone Star Self Storage can lessen it. Now that you know that you’ll be moving house, the next thing you’ll need to do is figure out whether you’ll want to do it yourself or [...]

How to Make a Move Easier on Dogs and Cats Get The Coupon Moving can be stressful for your pet If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably move every seven years. And if you have a dog or cat,  it’s more than likely that you [...]

Self-Storage Tips Get The Coupon Self-storage sometimes gets criticism that’s undeserved but the truth is, it’s got a lot to recommend it. Self-storage opens up a wealth of possibilities Say you have a spare room in your house or apartment that gets used only as a [...]

Self Storage Do’s and Don’ts Get The Coupon Our storage units can help you remove the clutter and save space! You can use your use your Lone Star Self-Storage unit to house anything – almost. When you rent from us, you need to remember that if you use the [...]

Tips for Merging two Households Get The Coupon Have you recently married?  If so, you and your new spouse are finding what most newlyweds discover after the wedding party:  that you now have two or more of everything, from kitchen utensils to bedroom furniture.  Following are some tips to help you [...]

Lone Star Self-Storage Spring Cleaning Tips Get The Coupon Those blooming flowers and new green leaves on the trees say it all. Spring has finally come to Austin. And you what that means? Spring cleaning, of course! Well, here are some Lone Star Self-Storage Spring Cleaning Tips. For most people, tidying up [...]

3 Ways to Help You Get Back Your Security Deposit Get The Coupon When you rent an apartment or home, your landlord will typically ask for a security deposit. This sum, which is usually equal to one month’s rent, is meant to cover any damage or cleaning costs the landlord may incur after you leave. If [...]

Self-Storage Tips for your Garden Hose Get The Coupon Late fall and winter is the time when Austin gets colder and wetter. With cooler outdoor temperatures and less watering to do, you may find that you don’t use your garden hoses as much. The smart thing to do is to put them [...]