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4 Tips for Storing Your Power Tools – Affordable Storage units

Whether you’re a professional contractor or just a DIY weekend warrior, you probably have more power tools than space to store them. But having all those electric saws, drills and screwdrivers clutter up your space probably makes you feel anything but powerful. Lone Star Self Storage provides Affordable Storage Units.

Here are some ideas to help you take back the space you need and deserve.

#1: Inventory your tools

Before you pack away your tools, make an inventory of what you are storing and where it is located within a storage unit. To make it even easier to find the things you need, keep them all organized in an area where you will have plenty of space. It will make accessing them much simpler and ensure you aren’t wasting time by searching for tools.

#2: Use plastic bins

Plastic bins are both sturdy and waterproof – just what you need to ensure that your tools remain in the best working condition possible. Bins also have the added bonus of being easy to load in a truck or van, making it easy to transport tools from your storage unit to either your job site or back home. You can also label each bin and keep similar items stored in each bin for an effective organization system.

#3: Invest in shelving units and/or tool cabinets

Never leave your power tools lying on the ground where they could absorb moisture and rust. Even if you do buy shelves, be aware that your tools will still be exposed to the harmful effects of dust unless you throw a plastic cover over them. Tool cabinets are also useful for keeping your power tools clean, dry, organized and safe.

#4 Stack and store strategically

Put larger bins and containers on the floor. For extra protection against moisture, rust and dust, elevate them on pallets. Stack smaller containers on top of larger ones or – better still – on shelves, which you can use to line the walls of your storage unit. Label everything clearly so you’ll be able to remember where you put which tool.

Lone Star Self-Storage offers storage units in six different sizes. No deposits are ever required and contracts are month-to-month. And we’re conveniently located in South Austin just off of the I-35.

At Lone Star, the power really is in your hands! Lone Star Self Storage provides affordable storage units in South Austin.

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