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Summer Storage Tips For College Students – Storage Austin

The months of May and June signify the end of the spring semester at colleges throughout the country and the official start of summer; it’s also the time that students begin to plan their return home. College graduates and students often wonder about the best way to transport and store the belongings they’ve accumulated through the academic year. Self-storage is one of the best solutions to keep personal items organized and reduce the stress of moving. Storage Austin facility that offers affordable self storage units that are priced to meet any family’s budget.

Self-storage offers students and graduates an easy and safe way to store belongings. Keeping valuables in storage keeps everything neatly organized, easily accessible, and ready for transport when it’s time to return to campus or move into a new apartment. For both parents and students, self-storage lowers moving expenses while keeping items protected. Find out why self-storage is one of the best options for college students heading home for the summer.

College To Self-storage: Tips For An Easy Transition

Moving from dorm to home can be a little overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. With a few precautions, the transition from college to self-storage is pretty simple. Follow these helpful tips for a stress-free move:

  • If you have a mini fridge in your dorm, give it time to defrost a few days before your move. This will reduce spills and fall hazards when moving.
  • Labeling boxes is key, especially if you have been sharing a dorm or apartment with a roommate.
  • Try to sell textbooks that are no longer needed back to the bookstore to lighten your loan.
  • Using plastic storage bins makes moving easier because they are stackable and generally more durable than cardboard boxes.

Summer is an extremely popular time of year for self-storage so it’s best to contact a reputable Austin, TX, facility early to reserve a unit. In addition, contacting Austin area storage facilities will help coordinate your move-in ahead of time. Dedicated staff will be able to help you choose the right storage unit based on the amount of space you need as well as your budget. Top Texas self-storage facilities can help you with setting up short-term storage and automatic payment options that make it easy to handle business remotely.

Safeguarding Belongings Over The Summer

One of the biggest concerns with moving out of a dorm over the summer is the safety of your belongings. For those who will live independently over the summer, it might be wise to store some items in a self-storage unit rather than clutter up friends or relatives’ home with extra items. For those who will be moving back with their parents, self-storage is a great way to keep all items safe before returning to school in the fall. A secure storage unit in Austin, TX, gives college students all the space they need while safeguarding belongings with climate controlled, secure units.

Self-storage also serves as the ideal solution for students who have developed new interests throughout the academic year. Often, new hobbies come with new gear, supplies, and equipment so utilizing self-storage is even more practical when it’s time to move back home for the summer. Rather than selling or leaving these items behind, equipment can be stored along with the items that the student left home with. Self-storage allows you to keep your most precious belongings safe.


Choose Lone Star Storage Center for College Moves

Moving across the country can be stressful but reserving a self-storage unit ahead of time can make the process a lot smoother. If you’re moving to the Austin area and need a safe, secure, and convenient place to store your belongings over the summer, look no further than Lone Star Storage Center for all your self-storage needs. The dedicated staff at Lone Star self-storage can help you find the right size unit, recommend packing supplies, an even provide a moving truck free of charge should you need it. For the best self-storage in Austin, Texas, look no further than Lone Star Storage Center. Storage Austin facility that offers a range of self storage units that are priced to meet anyone’s budget.

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