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Guide to Storage Sizes – Austin mini storage

More often than not, the units provided by self storage companies have different sizes. Storage facility owners know that each customer has his special needs so it is important that the company will be able to provide rooms of varied sizes.

To help you determine the unit that you will need, here is a guide to the most common storage space sizes available at both Lone Star Self Storage in Austin, Texas and many self-storage facilities elsewhere.

The smallest unit that is provided by a self storage company is usually 5 by 5 feet. The size of this room is similar to a small bathroom. Some of the things that you can store inside a room this size include several boxes of office supplies or documents and some garden tools. In order to make the most of the space, ensure that the boxes are stacked up and small items such as vases, bottles, or printers are stored inside a box.  Austin mini storage services is what Lone Star Self Storage specializes in.

The next-size space is the 5 feet by 10 feet units. Here you can store some furniture, such as beds, small chairs and several boxes. If you need a bit of space for office equipment and other inventory of your company, this is ideal for you.

For those who are moving from a big house into a small apartment, you probably need a bigger room to rent in a self storage facility. The 10 by 10 or the 10 by 15 units may necessary. If you only have to store the furniture and decorations in two of your bedrooms or family room, you’ll likely only need the 10 by 10 feet space.

If you need to store majority of the furnishings of a three-bedroom house or a medium sized office, then you should consider the 10 by 15 feet of storage space.

The 10 by 20 feet unit in self storage is usually the biggest you can find. With this much space, you can store business files, office supplies, inventory and equipment of your company or business. The room is typically big enough to store the furnishings of a 5-bedroom home.

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Lone Star Self Storage is an Austin mini storage facility that provides affordable storage rates.  Our location is centrally located, in South Austin.

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