Texas Affordable Self Storage in Austin, TX4 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Self-Storage – Austin storage unit

Self-storage is space salvation.  If you own a home, rent an apartment or run a business, thinking ahead before putting anything away will help you avoid problems that could turn a godsend into a nightmare.  We are a facility that provide Austin storage unit plans to meet anyone’s budget

1. Create a plan

After you’ve rented your self-storage unit and packed, label your boxes so that you know what’s inside them.  Then sketch a floor map on paper that shows where you will locate items.  Keep those things you’ll want easy access to near the front and plan a pathway(s) that will allow for smooth navigation within the storage unit.

2. Beware of dust and damp

However well built, storage units are not airtight and will let in dust and humidity.  Seal boxes shut with packing tape and lay them down on wood pallets to keep them off the floor.  Hang clothing inside cardboard wardrobes covered with light, protective material and use cotton mattress bags to keep your bedding fresh.

3. Protect against insects and vermin

The best strategy to deal with unwanted visitors to your unit is to prevent them from wanting to even enter.  Pack your clothes, towels and bedding with lavender sachets or cedar blocks.  And dust around baseboards and into corners with boric acid or diatomaceous earth.  These natural, inexpensive solutions to potential bug and rodent problems are far better than pesticides, which often leave long-lasting odors behind.

4. Pay attention to details

It’s easy to overlook seemingly minor important details when you put things in storage. These can include emptying gasoline out of lawn mowers, to removing crumbs and food residue from kitchen appliances and taking out batteries from electronic devices.  Not taking care of the “little stuff” can mean potentially giant headaches later on.  Also make sure to have a designated area where you keep small but essential items like keys, items from a desk and so forth.  It will save you time and trouble when you need to find them again.

Lone Star Self-Storage is here to simplify your life.  We offer six different unit sizes to suit every budget.  Best of all, our contracts are month-to-month, so there’s no long-term commitment.  Count on us to help you create the space you need today!  See how we can help save you money on local Austin storage unit prices.

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