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Memorabilia, keepsakes and things you just don’t want to unload can all be stored at our Austin storage site.

Lone Star Self-Storage: Three Kinds of Convenient – Austin self storage 24 hour

If you’re like most people, you only begin to realize that you need storage when you can’t find a place to put your latest finds. That’s when you begin to think about ways to keep what you own without having to trash the things you love for the sake of space. Austin self storage 24 hour at rates that are affordable for any household.

1. Storage units give you room to breathe

When you rent a storage unit, you give yourself the convenience of a more clutter-free living space. And what’s better than not tripping over pieces of furniture or other belonging(s) that literally just don’t fit in your current digs?

2. Storage units let you house those special keepsakes

Think about any family heirlooms you have or all those trinkets you’ve collected from your past. They have sentimental value, yes – but do they fit in with your current home décor motif? A self-storage unit safely and conveniently allows you to put away the items you can’t part with until the day you can actually use them again.

3. Storage units won’t break your budget

Or shouldn’t, anyway. For example, our Lone Star Self-Storage units – which come in six different sizes to suit every need and every budget – are competitively priced. Contracts are month-to-month, which means no long-term commitment. What’s more, our facility is located just off I-35 in South Austin.  Austin self storage 24 hour at rates that are affordable for most people’s budgets.

Let Lone Star Self-Storage show you the true meaning of convenience. Contact us today!

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