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Self Storage Near Me TX – 5 Storage Solutions for Your Holiday Lights

The 2014 holiday season is in full swing!  While you may only just be starting to “deck the halls,” it’s still wise to think about how you’ll store your decorations, and in particular, your holiday lights, for next year’s celebrations.  Following are six easy storage solutions that will ensure you don’t find yourself staring at a knotty mess this time next year. Are you wondering where to find self storage near me tx, well look no further.

1. Use a Ziploc bag

What makes these bags so great is that they’re not only see-through, but can also be labeled.  Just be sure to wrap your lights up carefully before you store them.  Try winding the cord around your hand and then securing the bundle with a garbage twist tie.

2. Use a paper towel roll

Take your string of lights and wrap them around the used paper towel roll.  Before you do that, label the roll according to what the lights are for (e.g., “Christmas tree lights”). When done, put the whole thing in a plastic storage tub.

3. Use empty cereal boxes

Cut the square ends of your cereal boxes and wrap the lights around, one-by-one.  What’s especially nice about this solution is that you can stack the square boxes with wrapped lights on top of one another, which could save you storage space.

4. Use a plastic bottle

You can use the outside of the bottle to wrap the light cord and the inside as a storage area for any bulbs you decide to remove.  Then you can seal off the bottle with a cap.

5. Use a hanger

Plastic clothes hangers can make reeling up your lights a breeze.  If you use a closet to store your holiday decorations, hangers may be the best and simplest option for you.

For other decorations you can’t easily store in your home or apartment, for example, artificial Christmas trees, statues for Nativity scenes etc., consider renting a Lone Star Self-Storage unit.  We have six different sizes to choose from, including units as small as 5 x 5 and as large as 10 x 30.

Our rental rates are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in Austin.  Plus there’s no long-term contract commitment.  And we’re conveniently located just off I-35 in South Austin.  Give yourself the gift of extra space this season.  Contact us today!

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