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Guide to Storage Sizes Get The Coupon More often than not, the units provided by self storage companies have different sizes. Storage facility owners know that each customer has his special needs so it is important that the company will be able to provide rooms of varied sizes. To help [...]

Self Storage Safety Tips Get The Coupon Storage units, particularly in Austin, have increased in popularity throughout the years as more people are learning the value of keeping vintage items, antiques, and old furniture. Aside from old things, you can actually store almost anything inside the unit that you are [...]

Helpful Self Storage Preparation Ideas Get The Coupon Even if self storage units are readily available and quite affordable in Texas, it is still essential for people to do some planning before they start bringing their stuff to the nearest storage facility in Austin or other cities. Many people end up [...]

Tips for Self Storage Auctions Get The Coupon Our storage units can help you remove the clutter and save space! On the hit TV show, Storage Wars, individuals have the opportunity to buy things that others leave behind in self-storage units. But there’s a catch –  they’re given just [...]

Austin TX Storage—Reasons to Use Austin TX Storage Get The Coupon Our storage units can help you remove the clutter and save space! When you have too much stuff for any reason, Austin, TX storage is a good way to manage it all. There are many reasons that someone can benefit from [...]

Packing Supplies For Self Storage Get The Coupon Knowing how to pack the things that you are putting in self storage units is important. If you do not pack your things properly, they may be in danger of being broken or destroyed while in transport or when they are inside the [...]

Tips on Selecting the Right Self Storage Company Get The Coupon If you are looking for storage in Austin, Texas, there are many choices and factors to consider. You likely need a space where you can temporarily store important items, such as furniture, appliances, memorabilia and other things that you cannot part with or [...]

4 Smart Self Storage Tips Get The Coupon Knowing how and where to put the boxes is as important as what to put in them for self-storage. When you store your stuff at Lone Star or at any self storage company, there are a few things that can make [...]

5 Tips for Self-Storage Unit Auctions Get The Coupon Memorabilia, keepsakes and things you just don't want to unload can all be stored at our Austin storage site. Self-storage unit auctions are hot. Not only can they be a lot of fun, they can also net you items that you [...]

5 Creative Outdoor Uses for Used Packing Material Get The Coupon You’ve just moved into your new home and are starting to get settled. But now that everything is out of all the boxes you used to pack, you’re wondering what to do with all that cardboard, bubble wrap and newspaper filling. To throw [...]