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Knowing how and where to put the boxes is as important as what to put in them for self-storage. Austin Storage unit

4 Smart Self Storage Tips – Austin Storage unit

When you store your stuff at Lone Star or at any self storage company, there are a few things that can make your life easier. There can be a tendency in some of us to not be as organized as we can be and therefore we find ourselves wasting a lot of time looking for things that we have stored. Austin Storage unit facility that offers affordable self storage rates.

Key to being organized is a mindset that it is important and that the short term effort of doing things right will definitely offset the long term frustration of hunting through every container in your storage unit, wondering “where did it go.”

Here are some tips to help you eliminate that frustration:

1. Put your stuff in new boxes or plastic containers
It makes your storage space much more pleasant when you are not just dumping in ratty old boxes. Also it gives you an opportunity to inventory the contents and check the condition. That old paperback book you have been keeping for the last decade might just not be worth storing any more. So you go through your stuff and see what is really worthwhile to keep and what it now makes sense to get rid of.

Plastic containers are relatively inexpensive and hardier than their cardboard cousins. So if you are saving pretty ceramic knick knacks, it would be wise to put them into something strong. You’re choice however.

If you are storing clothes, get them washed and very dried first and then put them into plastic bags in the box. Keeps out the odors, don’t you know.

2. Do an inventory of the contents
You might say to yourself “I’ll remember which box I put this in.” But don’t believe it. Six months down the road you are going to be standing there looking at your stack of storage containers wondering which one it is in. It is easy to take a sharpie and just mark on the outside of the box what is in it.

If you are really hot, you’ll also put it on a piece of paper you can take home and save.

If you are super hot, you can type it into your computer so you can make your list of stored items searchable. Steve Jobs would be proud.

At the very least, if you’re not going to worry about every little thing, write on the box the category of stuff that is in it – you know, “grandma’s books,” “Uncle Pete’s wigs,” etc.

3. Keep the heaviest containers on the bottom
Duh, you don’t want to crush the lighter stuff, do you?

4. Keep your storage space organized
When you put your stuff in, place similar type items in one place, different type items in another. You know, all the kitchens stuff is in the corner, the shop supplies are along the wall type of thing. Again if you are super hot and if it actually might be helpful in the long run, draw a little map for yourself of where you put things.

There you go!

So when you are looking for storage space, Lone Star Self Storage is the place to come in Austin. We are conveniently located on East Ben White and you can have 24-hour access to your space. What is better than that?

Austin Storage unit facility that offers affordable self storage rates.

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