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Helpful Self Storage Preparation Ideas – Storage units in my area

Even if self storage units are readily available and quite affordable in Texas, it is still essential for people to do some planning before they start bringing their stuff to the nearest storage facility in Austin or other cities. Many people end up paying a lot of money because they do not make any preparation prior to bringing and storing their things inside rental storage units. If you want to maximize the space you are renting and make sure that all of the things that you are storing are protected from dust and environmental elements, consider the following tips:

Tips to Follow

Making a checklist of the things that you will put inside your self storage unit is one of the first things that you should do. A lot of people end up forgetting what items are stored inside their units. For example, there are many homeowners who end up buying new tools and supplies that they actually have inside their storage units. If you make a list of the things that are inside the boxes that you are going to place inside your storage room, there is less chance that you will buy duplicate items. So, if you do not want to spend double on office equipment, supplies or tools, ensure that you save and print several copies of the list of things inside your storage room. One list could be left inside your storage unit and the other one could be in your desk at home.

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Planning is also important before you rent a self storage unit because this will allow you to have an idea of the size of the unit to get. In order to maximize your rental space, you should put items in boxes so you can stack things up. Remember of course that the boxes of books should be placed below the boxes that contain china or glasses. Those who do not plan how they are going to store and use their storage spaces effectively end up renting bigger units and spending a lot more money.

It is also ideal to visually inspect the self storage facility as well as the unit that you are planning to rent so that you can assess if the company can really provide you with what you need. For instance, do they have the right size? For example, it is often better and more economical to rent one 10 by 10 storage unit than two 5 by 5 rooms.

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