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Self Storage Safety Tips – Storage units near me cheap

Storage units, particularly in Austin, have increased in popularity throughout the years as more people are learning the value of keeping vintage items, antiques, and old furniture. Aside from old things, you can actually store almost anything inside the unit that you are renting. Are you looking for storage units near me cheap, Lone Star Self Storage can help.

But in order to ensure that your precious belongings are safe and the entire facility is protected from fires, infestations and foul odor, storage companies ban certain items from being stored inside units and spaces. Below are some of the things that are prohibited inside storage facilities not only in Austin, Texas, but also in other facilities across the country.

Pets and plants are of course prohibited from being stored inside the units. Any animals and plants left in the units even for a few days will die of dehydration and hunger. Moreover, rotting plants and animals will emit foul smell and attract pests.

Everything that is illegal in a home or apartment is also a no-no inside storage units. So, you should not use these rental spaces to grow illegal plants. Using the units as chemical labs and clinics are also prohibited. If the storage manager feels that you are doing or storing something illegal inside your unit or space, he can report you to authorities.

Items that are stolen and smuggled should  not be stored inside these units. Guns, ammunition’s, and explosives are also not allowed.

Hazardous items are  not to be stored inside storage units. Substances that can easily catch fire are prohibited from being stored inside these units. Even if storage rooms are made of concrete, flammable items should not be kept inside the units because they can cause fire not only inside your storage room but also in other units as well. Also chemicals that are toxic and can leak on the floor or in the air can also damage your property and those of other people too.

Following these simple, common-sense rules will ensure the safety of yours and others’ belongings.

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