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Packing supplies can be purchased at Lone Star Self Storage or you can purchase them online.

Packing Supplies For Self Storage – Packing Supplies

Knowing how to pack the things that you are putting in self storage units is important. If you do not pack your things properly, they may be in danger of being broken or destroyed while in transport or when they are inside the storage units.  Don’t forget to get your packing supplies prior to packing, so that it will make your move as easy as possible.

Take extra precaution when it comes to mold and mildew and other environmental factors, such as moisture and excessive heat. Prepare for possible pests, such as rodents and other critters. In order to accomplish this and help you with the proper storage of your things and possessions, ensure that you have the right supplies required for proper packing.

Review the items you plan to store in the self-storage units so that you have enough boxes. It is important that the boxes that you use are sturdy and are of the same, or similar, size for easier stacking. Be sure to acquire enough packing tape so you can securely close the boxes. You can also use the tape to label your boxes. Depending on what things you are planning to store, you might want to consider using plastic boxes because moisture will not seep inside plastic materials. However, plastic boxes are likely more expensive than the regular carton boxes.

Bubble wrap is also useful when you are preparing to move and store your things in self storage units in order to secure fragile items and prevent them from breaking. Bubble wrap can serve as cushion for china, glasses, vases, jugs, and other things that need extra care. In case you cannot find bubble wrap, you can use packing paper, old newspapers or foam to help cushion fragile items. If you need to store valuable items, be sure to take out an insurance policy first before moving and putting them in storage units. This will protect you from losses.

Locks are of course essential items that you would need when you put your things in self storage units. Many storage facilities provide their own locks but it is still advisable that you bring your own lock, just in case. Make sure that the one you select is of high quality and hard to break.

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