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Packing is not exactly what most people would consider a fun activity: neither is unpacking, or shopping for a storage unit. Putting things away may signal the end of an arduous process, but that still doesn’t make it any easier.  Storage Units can provide a peace of mind, especially during the laborious times of moving, relocating, selling your home, elderly relocation, college, divorce or the vast range of reasons it is that people seek affordable options for leasing storage units.

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Another reason people tend to seize storage solutions for, is for business storage.  Rather you are an accounting firm that needs record storage, that requires a unit that is secure from the weather elements.  Or if you are seeking for storage solutions for a painting company to keep all tools that are not being utilized to be safely stored in units that will protect your investment of tools required.

There are many reasons to utilize storage options, and each unit that we rent out, has its own story.  So contact us as we are storage specialists, and can help you choose the units or unit that is perfect for your specific needs.  Units can easily be reserved with our online reservation tool.  No payment required at time of placing the reservation for your unit or units.  Once you arrive to our facility, we will settle up with you on payment then.  So, again we make storage simple, where simplicity is key to putting one of our units in your possession.  We look forward to seeing you.

According to Van, the best way to make unpacking easier on your nerves and body is to “have a game plan” before you get started. Following are some suggestions to make the last leg of your move more bearable:

  • Label your boxes according to the rooms in which they should go. That way, you or your movers can put them in the correct place when you get to your new home, or storage units.
  • If you need to set up bookshelves or line cupboards or cabinets, do that before you open any boxes.
  • Unpack one room at a time, starting with the kitchen first. You’ll get hungry while you are putting things in place, so it’s wise to make sure you can prepare meals and snacks to keep your energy up.
  • Using large sheets of butcher paper and marker, draw outlines around each piece of furniture you have. Then lay down the sheets on the floor of the room you’re working on. You’ll save time—and your back—using this favorite trick of interior designers.
  • If your new home includes a garage, make this area the last one to unpack. You’ll likely use at least part of your garage as the storage units space and it may be that you’ll want to keep at least a few of your house boxes packed.
  • If you know that you will be needing extra storage space before you move, contact Lone Star Self Storage in Austin to find a unit that best meets your needs. If possible, put those boxed items you know you won’t be needing into storage units before the big day comes.

Unpacking is an important part of any move: it’s the necessary final step you have to take before you can relax and enjoy your new home. Planning it in advance can save you time and trouble.

When shopping around for an affordable storage units provider, make sure that the storage units that you choose are closely monitored, so that your belongings will be safeguarded.  Storage Units should also not have the potential for water damage to your belongings, so prior to moving into your storage units, inspect the unit, and take note of any signs of water damage evidence.  Also make sure that your unit is clean upon signing your storage agreement.  As when you move out of your unit, if there was previous damage to the storage units, you will be responsible for those damages unless you notate and report the damage prior to moving into your unit.

It can be a hard task to tackle when moving, but there are ways to make it a much simpler feat than you would expect.  By arranging for an affordable Storage Units company that can help you with your transition int your new place, this will enable you to tackle each step of your move in increments that will not overwhelm you.  So reach out today and learn how our storage units can shelter your belongings, during the time you are in the middle of your move. Storage is a simple element that makes moving just a bit easier, by the use of a unit or units.  You can utilize units to plan for the unpacking of your storage, so that each box you remove from your units, will have a specific area within your home, you are ready to unpack.

Lone Star Self Storage is centrally located off of highway 35, in South Austin.  So reach out and see how we can be of service, for all your storage needs.  We can be reached at 512-444-4232 or via email at  We are continually running specials, so give us a shout and see how we can save you money.  In advance we look forward to earning the opportunity to be of business.

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If you have any questions regarding storage, or simply would like to start the process to move into your storage units, the reach out as we would love to be of help to you.  Storage is a boring shopping item to shop for, but when taking the time to choose the right unit for you, will ensure the over all satisfaction of your storage experience.

We have a wide range of units available.  From 5×5 to 10×15 size storage units.  So no matter what it is you require storage for, one of our units can serve your storage need.  So reach out and lets discuss your storage needs, and allow us to help you choose the perfect unit that will serve your needs best.

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