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6 Ways to Avoid Hidden “Extra Charges” when Moving – affordable storage

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always assume that all the businesses you deal with are equally honest? Unfortunately, you always need to be on the lookout for hidden costs and possible scams.  When you hire a moving firm, while most are reputable, some companies will appear to undercharge you or give you a low estimate–only to add on extra charges once your belongings are loaded into their vans.

Lone Star Self Storage provides affordable storage options, in South Austin.

Here are some ways you can protect your possessions and your pocketbook from such practices:

  • Ask for references – When you speak to moving companies, ask them about their professional experiences, license information and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Also get the names and contact information of past clients.
  • Get a written estimate – An estimate tells you how much it will cost to move specific items.  If movers don’t provide you with anything in writing, avoid them.
  • Beware of estimate changes –  Movers that don’t hold to an estimate and start adding extra charges are likely trying to rip you off. Don’t use them even if  you have to tell them to leave on moving day. Once a company like this has your things, they can hold them hostage until you give them the money they’re asking for.
  • Refuse to pay a deposit – A reputable moving company will never ask for a deposit or down payment. However, that company will expect full payment on delivery.
  • Look for changes in a company’s name – Some companies that run afoul of the BBB will change their names to avoid bad references. Watch for small clues–such as whether the name on their truck is been painted over–that might hint at a questionable past.
  • Be suspicious of movers who won’t help you pack – Some companies will typically refuse to help you pack your boxes because if they drop them, they are responsible for damages. What they will more likely do is to give you a high estimate so that you will pack everything yourself and then blame you if something breaks, even if they are at fault.

Another way to make your next move easier it is to consider putting some of your items in temporary storage. That way, you might be able to lighten your load enough that you can move everything yourself and not have to rely on moving companies at all. Lone Star Self-Storage has the perfect unit for your needs at just the right price: check out our specials and simplify your life today!

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Lone Star Self Storage provides affordable storage to meet most household budgets.

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