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Whether you want to put away wood or upholstered furnishings or electronic items, self-storage success all boils down to one thing: preparation. Following are some ways you can ensure that table, sofa or television set you love will come out of storage just the same way it went in. We are an Austin Tx Storage facility that offers great storage unit rates.

Wood furniture

Take apart all pieces of wooden furniture that allow for disassembly. Then clean and wax each piece so as to provide extra moisture in the storage unit. Store any screws, nuts and/or bolts in clearly labeled containers. Be sure to put all wood furnishings away from the storage unit door in case of rain seepage. If the items are especially valuable, cover them with padded blankets. Avoid stacking too many items on wood surfaces even if they are covered.

Upholstered furnishings

Clean fabric sofas, chairs and mattresses before storing to reduce the possibility of mold or mildew. It’s also a good idea to wipe surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner that’s safe for fabrics. When the upholstery is completely dry and ready to store, cover them in cloths or padded blankets to guard against scratches or damage.

Household electronics

The best way to storage electronic devices like television sets is in their original packaging. Put electrical cords in bubble wrap and fill empty spaces in each box with foam peanuts to provide a barrier between the device and other items you may have in storage. Keep all electronic devices off the floor to minimize exposure to moisture.

Don’t wrap stuff in plastic

Once you’ve prepped your furniture, cover the floor of your storage unit in plastic before putting your furniture inside it. Do not, however, wrap furniture in plastic. Condensation could gather and do irreparable damage. Use blankets and furniture pads for extra protection and be sure to keep a bit of space between stored items.

At Lone Star Self-Storage, we offer our clients a wide variety of storage options. Whether you’re looking to store just a few pieces of furniture of the entire contents of your home, we have what you’re looking for and at the price that’s right for your wallet.  Austin Tx Storage facility that offers affordable storage unit rates that are priced to meet anyone’s budget.

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