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6 Tips to Move Your Home with a Child Effectively and Efficiently – Self storage

A baby makes everything you do — including move — a challenge. That’s because you always have to keep an eye on Junior to ensure he or she is safe. Fortunately, you can minimize stress for both you and your infant through careful organization and planning. Lone Star Self Storage offers affordable storage units that meet most families budget.

1. Keep your routine

A baby can experience stress when his or her routine gets disrupted. So it’s crucial that you maintain the same schedule for Junior right up to the actual moving day. You’ll need to pay especial attention to nap, sleep and playtime schedules. If you need more time to pack and prepare, get a friend or relative to spend time with your child while he or she is awake.

2. Throw out what Junior can’t use

Toys and stuffed animals tend to proliferate around babies, especial in the first few months of life. Getting rid of what your child may have outgrown or no longer uses will help ease the burden of packing, unpacking and storing.

3. Know your new territory

Be sure you know where you need to go to take care of Junior’s needs BEFORE you move. This includes everything from drug stores and pediatricians to daycare centers and parks. You may also want to see if you can find information about reliable babysitters in your new city or town.

4. Pack with Junior in mind

This is especially important if you make a long-distance move. It’s wise to pack a large baby bag with diapers, wipes, snacks toys and two sets of clothes. You may also want to pack a separate suitcase with a first aid kit and enough outfits to last a week.

5. Set up Junior’s room first

To ease the stress of change on your infant, try to recreate as much of their old room as you can in his/her new room. You may want to pack all of your baby’s favorite items separately in one box to ease the transition process for yourself.

6. Baby-proof your new home

Once you are done settling Junior into his or her new room, you will want to work on eliminating any potential dangers — such as electric sockets, stove burners and Venetian blind cords — in your new home. Don’t rush as you do this. The more hazards you can identify and deal with immediately, the greater your peace of mind.

Lone Star Self-Storage is here to help ease the stress of moving. We offer self storage units in six different sizes, no-hassle, month-to-month contracts and top-notch customer service.

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