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Vehicle Self Storage

So you’re thinking about storing your vehicle because you won’t be using it for a while or because you’ve moved and don’t have a place to keep it. Before you put your vehicle away, you’ll need to select a facility – like Lone Star Self-Storage – that’s safe, clean and reputable.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to actually prepare your vehicle. You can do that by:

  1. changing the oil
  2. replacing the filter
  3. flushing and changing the transmission, radiator and brake fluids
  4. having a mechanic check for/repair leaks
  5. washing and waxing your car to remove any surface moisture and/or contaminants
  6. removing the battery and putting it on a trickle charger to keep it working
  7. keeping the car elevated on jack stands to keep the tires off the ground and prevent them from dry-rotting
  8. securing a plastic bag over the air intake to keep moisture out of the engine
  9. cracking the window open and placing moth balls or dryer sheets inside the trunk, inside the car and under the hood to keep mice and musty smells at bay

When you’re ready to roll again, lower the car to the ground, remove exhaust bag and dryer sheets and replace the battery in the battery tray. Make sure no puddles of fluid or oil that have gathered on the ground during storage.

Conveniently located just off I-35 in South Austin, Lone Star Self-Storage offers just the right storage solutions you need for vehicles of all sizes. Check with us for available space. Let our knowledgeable staff show you the budget-friendly, no-hassle way to storage your car, truck or RV in Austin today!

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