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Self Storage—Self Storage Makes Storage Easy Get The Coupon Need storage in Austin, Texas? Self Storage of Austin If you need to store items, you are in luck. Self storage is a great way to deal with too many items in your home or store things for awhile for any [...]

Choosing the Right Austin Self-Storage Facility Get The Coupon Lone Star Self Storage in Austin, TX can provide you with great self-storage. If you have belongings that just won’t fit in your closet, attic or garage, storage is your next best option.  Now you need to decide what kind of [...]

Decluttering and Self-Storage Can Help Your Next Move Get The Coupon Knowing how and where to put the boxes is as important as what to put in them for self-storage. Imagine this: you’re in the middle of the moving process and have nowhere to keep your belongings. Or you are moving into [...]

4 Hidden Costs of Moving Get The Coupon When you relocate to a new home, the fee a moving company will charge is based on three things: the distance between homes the total weight of the items to be moved and the number of items involved However, you also need to [...]

Garage Sales and Moving Get The Coupon After (or before) a garage sale, consider Lone Star Self Storage for your items. It doesn’t matter if you have a big family or are single: when it comes time to relocate, you will need to downsize before the big day [...]

Foreclosed Property Moves Get The Coupon Getting a home is great, but finding a safe, secure and inexpensive self-storage facility is even greater. Call Lone Star Self Storage today. The recession has forced many homeowners into foreclosure. Bank repossessed [...]