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We are an Austin mini storage provider that is located in South Austin.  You will find out prices are very affordable, that will match most people’s budgets.

When you relocate to a new home, the fee a moving company will charge is based on three things:

  • the distance between homes
  • the total weight of the items to be moved
  • and the number of items involved

However, you also need to know that you may also be charged extra for other services not included in the total package.

Surcharge #1: Heavy items

Moving companies may make you pay extra for handling/relocating heavy or bulky items like pianos, pool tables, washing machines and so on. Also be aware that if movers have to carry these objects up staircases, you may incur a second surcharge as well.

Surcharge #2: Long carry

If movers have to carry the items to your new home from a long distance away, they may ask you to pay extra. This kind of situation usually arises in crowded neighborhoods where parking space is at a premium and movers can’t park their vehicles near your door. It could also happen if a shed or other small building blocks a truck’s access to a home.

Surcharge #3: Hoisting

Some items — like for example, a large home entertainment system — may not fit through a doorway. Your best bet is to dismantle those items that can be taken apart then out them back together again once you arrive at your new destination. If an item can’t be taken apart and must be taken out/moved in via a window, then the moving company may charge a hoisting fee.

Surcharge #4: Extra stops

Be aware that most moving companies will not make extra stops without charging an additional fee. That means that if you have items that you want picked up or dropped off along the way to your new home, you will need to do it BEFORE moving day.

You may ultimately find it less expensive to put heavy/bulky items into a storage unit and retrieve them yourself later on. Conveniently located just off I-35 at Ben White Boulevard, Lone Star Self-Storage offers month-to-month contracts for units in a variety of sizes that suit every need and budget. Contact us today!

We are an Austin mini storage provider that offers competitive rates, to meet anyone’s budget.


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