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Lone Star Self Storage makes it easy to find, when you are wondering to find Storage Near Me.

Self-storage units offer the benefit of safe-keeping and space for your
items, but not all self-storage units are created equal. There are several
factors that you should consider before you choose a unit, particularly if
you have specific needs for your belongings. Fortunately, Lone Star Storage
has a wide variety of units to accommodate an array of storage needs,
ensuring you will find the one that is right for you with ease.

When selecting the self-storage unit that best fits your needs, consider the
following. How much of your belonging do you have to store? How big are
they? When do you need them? How long will you be storing them?
Answering these questions before selecting a unit is sure to streamline the
process so you can spend less time planning and more time living stress-
free, assured that your things are stowed away and well taken care of.

Unit Size

First things first, the size of the unit is an important consideration. Lone
Star offers 6 different unit sizes ranging from 5×5 up to 10×30, as well as
vehicle and boat storage. On our units page, you will find each unit listing
along with important details that may inform which unit suits you best. With
so much variety, we can easily accommodate all your moving and storage

Location, Location, Location

Next, the location of your unit matters. You do not want to find yourself
driving long distances for those items that you want close by. Our facility is
conveniently located in the 78704 area, just off I-35 on E. Ben White
Boulevard. Whether you are coming, going, or simply need a place to store
your belongings, look no further! We take care to keep the Live Music
Capital of the World's valuables safe and sound.


Once you decide on what services and quality you need from your self-
storage unit, you will want your unit to be convenient and accessible when
you need it. That is why our drive-up access is unmatched. Every unit
features drive-up access, making it easy to load and unload items as

Security Features

Keeping your things safe and sound is how we roll. We believe that security
is an important aspect of self-storage. Our facility and each unit come with
numerous features to keep your possessions safe.

Key-Code Access

We take security seriously and want self-storage access to be exclusive to
our patrons, just as intended. For that reason, we offer key code access to
maintain your privacy and the safety of your possessions. When you
entrust your belongings to us, we want you to feel sure that you have
chosen the right place. With our key-code feature, you get full control over
the unit and who has access.

Perimeter Fencing

When you pull up to Lone Star, you will see that our property is secured by
an entry gate along with surveillance cameras. The perimeter of our facility
is fenced in to add another layer of protection for your safety.

Reinforced Units

Our buildings are structurally sound and have material integrity. Each unit is
secure and solid, so you don’t have to think twice about the condition of the
unit. And while we can guarantee our quality units will get the job done, we
took it one step further by offering protection in the event disaster strikes.
We offer insurance to protect your self-storage unit and your best interest,
especially in the event of weather damage and other natural disasters.

High-Quality Locks

Quality matters to us and we want to deliver on that in every way possible.
That is why we do not cut corners or skimp on the products we use to
protect your important items. With every unit, we use durable locks that are
sure to protect your valuables.

Routine Property Checks

There is at least one person on the premises throughout the day, and often
three or more. We closely monitor the property to keep an eye out so you
don’t have to.

Helpful Staff

You want someone trustworthy and passionate. As small company owners,
we offer a level of personalized service you cannot easily find in other
places. We take great pride in serving you and look to help however
possible. Our staff is always onsite, willing, and ready to help you with any
questions or needs, before and during the duration of your self-storage.

Availability of Packing Materials

Though it is called “self” storage, we don’t want you to go it alone. That’s
why we have various packing materials available for your convenience. We
know that every self-storage customer has their own specific needs, so we
make sure to have the equipment necessary to meet them. When the time
comes, we have got plenty of packing materials on hand for your storage


We keep our rental prices fair and square, and we believe in making that
clear from the start. Our website is clean and easy-to-navigate, with details
of each unit, estimations on what can be stored in each, and prices listed
upfront. Further, we offer exclusive move-in deals for first-time self-storers,
as well as month-to-month contracts. We offer flexibility and top-notch
service that is hard to find elsewhere in the greater Austin area.

Lone Star Self Storage Has It All

At Lone Star, service and safe self-storage are what we do. We are
confident that we have what it takes to meet your storage needs and a
variety of great units to prove it. In addition to our quality and security, we
offer exceptional customer service too. It’s a win-win situation.
Our small company will have you feeling secure and taken care of, and we
get the honor of keeping your valuables safe. Our friendly staff is always
available to answer further questions regarding your self-storage needs.
Contact Lone Star today and we will be glad to provide you with the self-
storage solutions you need.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Call us now at 512-444-4232.

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