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Storage Near Me – Using Self-Storage During a Home Renovation

Your home renovations can be both exciting and stressful, especially when
you think about the things you need to move in and around your home. No
matter the size of your home renovation project, it is bound to interrupt
your life.  If you are asking yourself  where is Storage Near Me, look no further as Lone Star is centrally located in South Austin.

One of the things to consider is where and how to store your possessions.
Renting a self-storage unit is one of the best ways to keep all your items
out of harm’s way and reduce the hassles of the remodeling.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why self-storage is the one of the most
effective way to solve some of your remodeling challenges.

1. Free from Dust and Debris
Almost all types of home renovations create dust and debris. The dust and
debris can coat and ruin some precious items especially valuables like
fabrics, furniture, and electronics. Even when you have the most cautious
crew, there’s no telling where the atmospheric dust will settle so it’s an
excellent idea storing your valuables outside your home during the
renovation process.

2. Prevents Breakage
Remodeling can be a messy affair that often demands moving items from
one place to the next. When you have to frequently move your belongings
around, there’s always a risk of damaging some of them.

3. Gets Rid of Clutter
Emptying out some spaces during the renovation project will reduce clutter
and mess from your home and will provide clear spaces, for storing
materials and equipment needed for the renovations. It also allows your
creative spirit flow seamlessly, so you can easily organize without
becoming overwhelmed.

4. Keeps you Flexible and Focused
A lot of home renovation projects don’t go according to the first schedule.
A 2-week project can easily stretch into a month or more. Save yourself the
stress of trying to figure out where you can store your possessions safely
by getting a self-storage unit before the renovations begin.

Tips for Organizing Storage During Renovations

Besides the benefits of self-storage during your home renovation projects,
there are some tips you must know to prepare adequately.

1. Organize
The first and most important rule – never throw things haphazardly into
boxes or your unit. It’s important to organize everything so that you can
easily put them back once you are done. Additionally, you might want some
belongings before the project is done, so organizing makes sure they are

2. Declutter
Before you organize into boxes, purge out all unnecessary items. This will
save you from paying for more storage for things you don’t need or want

3. Label your boxes
No matter how spacious your storage units, you need storage boxes to
keep things simple. Put together a labeling system, so you can easily locate
items at any time. One of the most effective methods of keeping track of
your items is to label each box with a list of the contents. You could also
number each box and keep a journal of what is inside each.

4. Packaging
Different household items demand different kinds of packaging. Your
sensitive items such as TV, glassware, dishes, and other appliances should
be wrapped in bubble wrap. Also, add cardboards in-between to prevent
tilting and guard their screens.

Regardless of the size of your home renovation project, self-storage units
can make a difference. They are easy to use and very affordable.
There are a variety of self-storage options for you depending on the size of
your belongings and budget. Lone Star Storage offers flexible monthly
plans and there are options for discounts if your project requires a couple
of months. Our goal is to help you save on costs while tackling your
storage needs.  Storage Near Me is easy, with Lone Star Self Storage.

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