The coldest season of the year is right around the corner. The cold temperature presents an opportunity to take advantage of self-storage units as the season progresses. Placing your belongings in storage systems allow you to protect them from the harsh weather and free up space in your home.

Different seasons mean different storage challenges. For instance, the summer heat can affect electronic devices and appliances. High temperatures and high levels of humidity can split the components of your possession, resulting in damages. In contrast, the biggest challenge during winter is the low temperature and moisture. Apart from electronic devices, the winter season can have adverse effects on dinnerware, essential documents, and even furniture.

For this reason, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your things safe and sound all year round. If you plan on going away to spend your winter vacation, it is important to utilize storage units that operate within the optimized temperature ranges.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

If you want to make sure that all your belongings remain protected from the cold, you should consider the following benefits of self-storage units during the winter.

Protection Against the Consequences of Harsh Weather

Lone Star offers a wide variety of storage solutions for your specific needs where you can take advantage of climate-controlled storage units to ensure the condition of your belongings. With consistent control over temperature, the storage units come equipped with comprehensive AC and heating systems. This gauge guarantees that your items maintain room temperature 24/7.

Even though the temperature outside dropped at around 15 degrees, this does not affect the storage units’ items. All units are designed to maintain the optimum temperature between 55 and 85°F, the units would have proper insulation and heating all year round.

Controlled Humidity Levels

Whether humidity levels increase or decrease, items placed in a storage unit remain unaffected. This is important because belongings are susceptible to excessive moisture during the winter season. It can further damage documents, photos, and electronics. Lone Star maintains the levels of humidity of its storage units regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Pest Control

The winter season can also breed rodents and other insects. These creatures can infiltrate your homes and offices to seek shelter amid harsh temperatures. Even if you transfer your belongings inside a shed or a garage, they can go through it as long as there are entry points. It is vital to keep them out or they may build nests for hiding within your clothes, boxes, and papers. Climate-controlled storage units get sealed shut, preventing pests from infesting your possessions.

Uses for Self-Storage Units During Winter

With winter well on its way, the best time to invest in a self-storage unit is now. You can store seasonal items away until the time comes that you need them. Getting a storage unit for winter is the most practical to save on space in your home. To make sure that they remain well-conditioned, consider storing the following things in storage during the winter:


Many people put the most delicate keepsakes and memorabilia in storage, to keep them safe. From trading cards, sensitive documents, photos, collectibles to vinyl records, they are often the most susceptible to cold temperatures and high humidity. Keeping them in storage units can control the levels of moisture and prevent the cold from seeping through, which can result in cracking, tearing, and general degradation.

Items that Contain Liquid

Display items and beverages should be stored in a cool, dry place to prevent spoilage and damage. Before placing snow globes, lava lamps, and wine in storage units, ensure they are covered well. Putting a layer of insulation around these items serves as a cushion that provides protection. It can also keep them dry in case of accidents.

Alternatively, storing vehicles that run on gasoline and other liquid can be beneficial inside storage units. From ATVs, boats, lawnmowers, dirt bikes to convertible cars, Lone Star offers units of various sizes that fit any vehicle you wish to store. It is vital to flush gasoline from pipes before getting your vehicles settled during the winter. When oil residue remains inside a vehicle there is a higher tendency for damage. You can either remove the liquid from your recreational vehicles by yourself or have it performed professionally.

Electronic Devices and Battery-Operated Items

Electronic devices and other battery-operated items often contain some liquid. When the apparatus is damaged and cracked, the liquid electrolyte is dangerous when in contact, and ruins the device itself. For this reason, it is imperative to take extra measures to keep devices safe and secure.

Make sure to separate the batteries from the device before storing them. Disconnecting the batteries can preserve their life span while preventing further issues from arising. It is also essential to store electronic devices in a well-insulated room to prevent water from getting trapped in them and lose years off their lives. Keeping them in their original packaging can also be the safest option to maintain their condition.


As for furniture, it is crucial to make sure that the pieces are dry before storing them. Wooden furniture has higher tendencies to breed mold and mildew in colder months if moisture is uncontrolled. You can prevent this from happening by wrapping a blanket or a plastic wrap around the furniture for a layer of protection.

Additionally, upholstered furniture is also susceptible to picking up odors from humid and cold environments. It is crucial to spread a shrink wrap around these items to keep them dry while in storage.

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