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Lone Star Self Storage provides cheap storage solutions in South Austin, TX. Over the years Lone Star Self Storage has worked hard to provide cheap storage options that our customers can utilize for s t o r a g e.

We may not have all the bells and whistles, but we are a family owned facility that takes pride in servicing our customers. We have been serving South Austin and surrounding areas for years, and intend to continue servicing our customers for years to come.

Reach out to us and find out how Lone Star Self Storage and provide you with affordable storage rates that are priced so cheap that any household can affordable s t o r a g e. There are various reasons that people utilize storage for.

Reasons to Rent Self Storage

We have had customers that have used storage when they were relocating their elderly family members, and needed a place to put their parents' belongings.

We have had customers that are relocating out of state and needed storage so that they can store their belongings until they get settled in their new state. Storage is a great option in this case, as it enables you to take your time and get settled in smoothly.

We have had customers that have used our affordable storage due to college letting out for the summer. Instead of them having to move everything back home, they rented a storage unit, until school resumed.

Some customers also use self storage for business storage. Such as ebay sellers, store their inventory in a cheap manner so that they do not have to be out the cost of warehousing their products.

We have had other customers that were doing remodeling on their home and needed a short term self storage solution, to store furniture and other belongings until their remodeling was concluded. Lone Star Self Storage doesn't require long term rental contracts, so our storage facility is a great solution for any person who is looking for short term storage needs. Sky is the limit of how you can utilize cheap storage with Lone Star Self Storage.

Your home renovations can be both exciting and stressful, especially when you think about the things you need to move in and around your home. No matter the size of your home renovation project, it is bound to interrupt your life. If you are asking yourself where is Storage Near Me, look no further as Lone Star is centrally located in South Austin.

One of the things to consider is where and how to store your possessions. Renting a self-storage unit is one of the best ways to keep all

Let’s look at some of the reasons why rental storage is the one of the most effective way to solve some of your remodeling challenges.

1. Free from Dust and Debris
Almost all types of home renovations create dust and debris. The dust and debris can coat and ruin some precious items especially valuables like fabrics, furniture, and electronics. Even when you have the most cautious crew, there’s no telling where the atmospheric dust will settle so it’s an excellent idea storing your valuables outside your home during the renovation process.

2. Prevents Breakage
Remodeling can be a messy affair that often demands moving items from one place to the next. When you have to frequently move your belongings around, there’s always a risk of damaging some of them.

3. Gets Rid of Clutter
Emptying out some spaces during the renovation project will reduce clutter and mess from your home and will provide clear spaces, for storing materials and equipment needed for the renovations. It also allows your creative spirit flow seamlessly, so you can easily organize without becoming overwhelmed.

4. Keeps you Flexible and Focused
A lot of home renovation projects don’t go according to the first schedule. A 2-week project can easily stretch into a month or more. Save yourself the stress of trying to figure out where you can store your possessions safely by getting a self-storage unit before the renovations begin.

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Lone Star Self Storage is here to provide cheap storage solutions. Rather is it long term or short term, Lone Star Self Storage can help with leasing you are unit as cheap as possible. Give us a call and see how Lone Star Self Storage can help with all your storage needs.


Your story may be completely different, but the need of long or short term storage needs, is the same. Self storage is a great say to safely store your belongings. Our facility is a safe secure place to store your stuff. We do offer cheap storage rates, that doesn’t affect the pocket book.

So reach out and let us show you how we can help save you money for all your self storage needs.

A Message From Lone Star

If you are looking for Self Storage Austin Tx in the Austin area you have come to the right place. Lone Star Self Storage is located in the 78704 area, is quickly accessible on E. Ben White Blvd. just off I-35, and provides a convenient self-storage solution for all of Austin.

Who are we? We’re a small company with big values & convenient self-storage. Unlike the big storage corporations, Lone Star Self Storage cannot afford to neglect you, our customer, so we take care of you.

We are an ethical company and we use our own self storage services. In other words, we store our own stuff in mini storage units that are exactly the same as those we rent to customers like you.
Whether you are moving to Austin or already located in the Live Music Capital of the World, call us at 512-444-4232 to secure your self-storage unit today or fill out the online form!

Give us a chance to earn your business, and you will not be disappointed.
We look forward to serving you!

So reach out and let us show you how we can help save you money for all your self storage needs.

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