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Self storage Austin TX – self storage Austin tx

Homeowners are not the only ones who can rent self storage in Austin, TX. In fact, more and more businesses are discovering that self storage is also an option for them. In a time when businesses are struggling to keep afloat, finding ways to save money and bring down expenses are as important as making the sale. If you are a business owner, you might want to consider renting self storage units for your storage needs.  Self storage Austin TX is a service that Lone Star can provide.  With rates that are affordable for most budgets.

One of the main reasons why you should consider renting storage for your Austin-area business is to save on your rent expense. Renting commercial space and offices can be quite expensive, especially along the busy streets of Austin. In order to save significant amount of money monthly, you may want to consider renting storage spaces to store important papers and documents, office supplies, and even inventory of products that you are selling. This is particularly true if your company is renting a big warehouse or office but you only use a portion of the space. It is without a doubt that the per square mile rent of office buildings and commercial areas are much higher than that of a storage unit. Besides, you will surely find a storage unit that has the perfect size that you need.

You can also be assured of the security of your documents, office supplies, and inventory that your company is selling when storing in self-storage. If you rent a warehouse, you need to hire people to ensure the security of your warehouse 24/7. However, if you rent a self storage unit, you no longer have to think about security. Even if you have to pay a premium to get more protection, you will still save if you rely on self storage rather than hiring security personnel on your own. Just make sure that the storage facility you choose has perimeter fencing and other important security features.

If you are a business owner or representative in Austin, TX, contact Lone Star Self Storage today at 512-444-4232 to discuss your self-storage needs, and find out how we can service your business and let you concentrate on increasing profits.

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