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Self-storage sometimes gets criticism that’s undeserved but the truth is, it’s got a lot to recommend it. Rent Storage Austin, TX is as easy as 1,2,3 with Lone Star Self Storage.  We provide affordable self storage solutions that are priced to meet anyone’s budget.

Self-storage opens up a wealth of possibilities
Say you have a spare room in your house or apartment that gets used only as a place to stack boxes and keep what you don’t have a place for elsewhere. If you move those items into a self-storage unit, you could convert that room into an extra living space for you and/or your family. Better still, you could rent that room out and earn a small side income that could help pay for the storage unit.

Self-storage offers security and protection
If you have large items such as furniture or an extra vehicle that you can’t keep at your current home, then self-storage provides a safe, insured place where you can put your extra belongings.
And if you’re upgrading the interior of your home and have items that you’re concerned may get damaged during the renovation process, a self-storage unit will protect any items you want to get out of the way of carpenters, painters, electricians etc.

Self-storage is there when you need it
If you have to move out quickly from your home for personal and/or economic reasons – a relationship breaks up, you lose your job, etc. – self-storage offers you a place to store all or part of what you own while you find a new place to live.

At Lone Star Self-Storage, we offer 24-hour surveillance and a secure facility that you can trust. We offer easily accessible storage units in six different sizes and parking spaces you can use for your extra vehicles. And all our contracts are month-to-month, so commitments are as short or as long-term as you need them to be. Contact us today to see what self-storage can offer you!

Rent Storage Austin, TX can be found in South Austin, centrally located for ease of access.  Reach out and see how we can save you money.

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