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Books are heavy. Even paperbacks can become a weight burden if you’ve accumulated a lot of them and are trying to prepare for the move.  So packing them in a way that won’t strain your back–or your budget–can be a challenge.

A good way to begin the process is by finding a good home for the ones you can part with, either at a second-hand bookstore or with friends. Once you have decided which ones will come with you, get some boxes that you know will hold the weight. If they’re used, check for dampness. The last thing you want is to put your books into a space  that will cause mold to grow on pages.

Hardcovers can be packed by putting them in the box so that their spines are touching the box sides. Be sure not to pack the books so tightly that they can be damaged upon removal. If you want to protect your hardcovers, wrap them in heavy paper before placing them in the box. Books that are especially valuable–such as first editions or even photo albums–should be packed with cardboard in between each book to keep the spine is straight. Each book should be covered in paper and, if possible, put in a padded box.

Another way you can pack your hardcovers and paperbacks is by putting them in spine first with the paper edges facing up. Although it may seem counter intuitive, do not put the books with the paper edges facing down and spines up. If you do, you risk warping both hardcovers and paperbacks alike.

Remember that you can use a variety of proper packing methods within one box so long as none of the books are packed at awkward angles.When you have filled a box, use wadded newspaper or bubblewrap to fill in any gaps between books that you might find. Doing so will lower the risk that your books will shift during the actual move and become damaged in the process.

If you need to store your books, check the storage area temperature, as excessive heat can lead to yellowing and cracking. Lone Star Storage units are cool, dry and priced just right, especially if you are a student. So when you’re ready to move, lighten your load and bring your books to us. It’s the smart thing to do.

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