Storage Units for Personal BelongingsHow to Make Moving Easier for Senior Citizens – Storage Units for Personal Belongings

When it comes time for you to help an elderly person–such as a parent or grandparent–move, you need to be aware that he or she will need special attention to make the transition. Many senior citizens don’t have the mobility that younger people do nor are they as tolerant of change. Some also have health conditions that need careful monitoring.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the senior you are assisting has visited his or her new home at least once before the actual move. This will help the individual get acclimatized to the new environment and any new faces that may be associated with it.

What can also help is making the new place look as much as possible like the old one. Surroundings that appear familiar  can alleviate some of a senior’s anxieties about moving to a different location. Digital photos that show how the old home was decorated can give you a visual reference that allows you to arrange furniture, books and pictures in ways that will put an elderly person more at ease.

If the senior citizen will be around on moving day, make sure to eliminate as many potential hazards as possible. This means:

  • getting lamp and phone cords out of the way;
  • rolling up carpets that could otherwise cause the senior to trip;
  • breaking down boxes as soon as they are empty; and
  • setting up lights immediately so that everything in the new home is well-lit.

In some cases, it might be best if the elderly person you are helping is not around for the actual move. If he or she is going to a retirement home, such facilities often have guest rooms that can accommodate new arrivals. If this is the case, check to see that the senior has the medications he or she needs along with a change of clothes.

Once everything is unpacked, don’t forget to show the person how appliances, the thermostat, alarms and any other household devices work. You might also check to see if he or she needs any help getting cable, Internet or telephone service set up.

Getting a storage unit for those things the person won’t use right away can also make an elder’s relocation go more smoothly. Lone Star Self-Storage has units in five different sizes to suit every need and budget.  And our contracts are month-to-month, so there’s no pressure for a long term commitment. Let us help you make a senior-in-transition’s life a little easier: contact us today!


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