Spring at last!  You can now open the windows, breathe fresh air, and feel the warmth of the sunlight.

It’s time to prepare for revitalizing your home and getting rid of other seasonal items you don’t need.  You can get your spring cleaning done much faster if you store seasonal and other items.   Self-storage is ideal for storing these items, whether for a short period or long-term. For a low cost, storage units can help you keep the items that do not fit your home design but which you are unwilling to discard.

Renting self-storage units at Lone Star Self-Storage can jumpstart your spring-cleaning efforts in several ways:

Get the Things that You Don’t Need Out of the Way

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to throw away the things that no longer bring value to your home. Some of those unneeded items still have plenty of life left in them, though, and you may want to consider selling them.  While you are waiting for the ideal time to let go of these items, they would go great in storage units. Climate-controlled self-storage can maintain the condition of the items and prevent damage. Self-storage makes it easy to retrieve them when they are ready to be sold!

Store Seasonal Items

Seasonal items can take a lot of space in your home.  Maximize the space in your house by transferring seasonal clothing, decorations, or outdoor furniture into a self-storage unit. Offering climate-control and a secured area for your belongings, you can ensure that they stay in shape.

Keep Large and Heavy Items in a Safe Space

If you plan to make major upgrades to your home after spring cleaning, you should rent a self-storage unit. This storage unit can help keep your furniture, appliances, and home décor until you finish remodeling areas. Plus, having a storage unit removes the distractions that can slow down your home improvement project’s progress.

Keep Items in a Storage Unit to Maximize the Space in Your Home

You can perform thorough cleaning if you pack some of the items that get your way. Transferring furniture, appliances, and other possessions to a storage unit can also uncover the previously unreachable areas.  This arrangement can also be the moment when you realize how much space a particular item that you barely even use is taking up.

How to Organize Your Self-Storage Unit

Now might be time to organize the items you transferred to a storage unit. In this way, you can easily access all your belongings even though they are situated farther back.

Here are some tips for organizing your self-storage system:

  1. Place documents, old photos, books, and other personal items in a clear bin so you can easily find what you need. It is also recommended to label the boxes for quick retrieval. In this way, you will not need to remove the lid if you are looking for a particular item.
  2. Consider the weight distribution of the items you are storing. The weight distribution makes it easier when you are retrieving the possessions you need. For instance, you must place heavy furniture in the back with lighter items in front. It is way easier to get lightweight items out of the way than the latter.
  3. Place the items you frequently need near the front. From seasonal items, office-related things to personal documents, placing them where you can quickly find them saves time and effort digging through the entire unit.
  4. Placing stackable bins and boxes on top of one another maximizes the space of your storage unit and creates more space for you to walk around the unit.  Make sure to stack similar items on top of the other to make every column organized.

Spring cleaning is one of the busiest times of the year. It takes a significant amount of time to revitalize a home, but the outcome is often rewarding. You can both maximize your space and start your spring cleaning on the right foot with self-storage.