Secure Storage for Personal Belongings7 Things NOT to Do When Storing Your Vehicle – Secure Storage for Personal Belongings

You have a car you just can’t use but don’t want to sell.  Until you know exactly where that vehicle fits into your life, self-storage is a good option.  But beware: improper preparation of your car can lead to a whole host of problems, such as paint damage, fused wipers, flats and more.

Following is a list of seven common mistakes car owners make when putting their vehicles away for storage:

Mistake #1: Leaving your car unwashed

Dirt, bird droppings and road salt are just a few of the things that can cause paint damage to a car. Thoroughly cleaning the exterior and adding an extra layer of wax can keep your car looking better longer.

Mistake #2: Not changing the oil

Unless you’re storing your care for less than 30 days, it’s crucial that you get the oil changed.  Contaminants used in oil may cause engine damage, so you always need to change the oil before long-term storage.

Mistake #3: Not removing the battery

Batteries often lose their charge during storage.  If you plan on keeping your car out of circulation for more than a month, the simplest way to avoid problems is to remove the battery and store it in a dry location.

Mistake #4: Keeping wipers on

For long-term storage, it’s best to remove your wipers or place a piece of plastic between the wipers and the glass.  Otherwise, wipers will attach themselves to your windshield.

Mistake #5: Engaging the parking brake

Setting the parking brake on before you leave your car in storage is a bad idea.  That’s because brake pads that maintain contact with the rotors for too long can become fused.  Use tire stoppers to safely prevent movement.

Mistake #6: Not inflating the tires before storage

When you leave your car in the same position for a long time, flat spots may develop in the tires.  To prevent this, make sure that your tires are inflated to proper levels before you put your vehicle in storage.

Mistake #7: Letting your car insurance lapse

It may seem tempting to store your car without insurance coverage.  But you never know what can happen, even when your vehicle is out of circulation.  If you end, then reinstate, your car insurance, you may find that you will have to pay more for coverage.

Safe, economical car storage, of the kind we offer at Lone Star Self-Storage, is only as good as the pre-storage preparation you give your vehicle.  But when you’ve gone through your checklist of things to do for your car, we’re here to help with month-to-month contracts and a convenient location off I-35 in South Austin.  Contact us today!

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