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Lone Star Self Storage makes securing storage easy.

6 Tips for Taking Bikes Out of Storage – Securing Storage

You put your bicycle in storage and are taking it out to enjoy another Austin summer. You first impulse is to hop onto the saddle and just go. But before you do, it’s wise to give that bike you haven’t used in while a tune-up.  Lone Star Self Storage makes securing storage easy.

Tip #1: Clean the bicycle body

If you have access to a garden hose, lightly spray your bike. If not, then run a wet sponge or cloth over the body. Then fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and begin cleaning the drivetrain – the pedals chain, chain ring and derailleur) with a soft-bristled brush. Move to the rest of the body when you’re done and don’t forget to re-lubricate the chain with a light coating of oil. Rinse a final time and dry with a washcloth.

Tip #2: Examine the wheels

Inspect the rims for any dents or damage and replace as needed. Then elevate one end of your bike and give the wheel a spin to make sure it’s moving smoothly. Repeat with the other wheel.

Tip #3: Check the brakes

Inspect the brake pads to see whether they are wearing evenly or need to be replaced. Then give the brake lever on your handlebars a squeeze and watch to see whether the brake pads hit the rim at the same time.

Tip #4: Look at the drivetrain.

Raise the rear wheel and give it a spin then shift through each of the gears. Make sure that shifting is smooth. If it isn’t, take your bike to a repair shop for a replacement. Inspect each part of the drive train for any excessive wear or damage. Chains are usually the first to wear out and should be replaced every two to three thousand miles.

Tip #5: Inspect the cables.

Cables are what connect the sifters and brakes to the derailleur and brake pads. Inspect carefully for cracks, rust, dirt, or sagging. If you notice any damage, get the cables replaced to ensure that shifting and braking remain smooth.

Tip #6: Put air in the tires.

Look at the condition of your tires and make sure the sides are not fraying and that there are no holes, splits, or cracks. If you see any damage, replace the tires. Then check air pressure. If tires feel under inflated, use a pump and a gauge to inflate to recommended pressure. You’ll usually find this number next to the PSI on the side of the tire.

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