storage units near me

Storage units near me that is centrally located and priced to meet any household budget.

5 Tips for Putting Clothes in Storage – storage units near me

Putting clothes into storage is just like packing for a trip, right? Storage units near me that is centrally located and priced to meet any household budget.

Wrong. If you want to keep the outfits you love in good shape, it takes a lot more planning than you might think.

1. Be selective

Maybe you want to pack up a child’s clothes to use as hand-me-downs later on. Or maybe you just want to put away cold weather coats and sweaters until winter. Whatever the reason, you need to think before you store. Otherwise, you’ll use up valuable space and needlessly create sorting headaches for yourself later on.

2. Clean everything

To keep your clothes undamaged, you need to thoroughly launder or dry clean every item before packing them away. Any stains left on your clothes will darken over time and become more difficult to remove. Moreover, if there are smells on your clothes, you stand a much higher chance of attracting bugs into your storage unit.

3. Get organized

If you know that you may need to access certain items while they are in storage, it’s wise to create a retrieval system. You can do this by first labeling the bin or clothing rack with a list of all the garments contained in (or on) the organizing element. Then make a master document to remind you where each item you store is located.

4. Beware of moisture and bugs

For long-term storage, protect your clothes – and especially woolens – by packing them in plastic bins. For short-term storage, cardboard boxes work very well. For clothes that need to be stored hanging up, use a clothing rack and garment bags. Put a cedar block inside each container to help keep bugs away. Wrap the block in cheesecloth or old sock to avoid contact with your garments.

5. Check your clothes

No matter how well you pack your clothes, you will also need to visit your storage unit every few months to look for damage. When checking your clothes, dust any hanging items with a small broom and look for any signs of holes from moths, even if those items are stored in plastic bins.

At Lone Star Self-Storage, we offer storage units in six different sizes, from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30. So whether you’re storing just a few clothes from your own closet or garments for your entire family, we have just the solution you need at just the right price.

Storage units near me that is centrally located and priced to meet any household budget.

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