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You’ve just wed the man or woman of your dreams. Now you’re thinking about finding a new place to live together and begin the adventure called marriage. But because you’re part of the team, you’re going to have to go about your move differently than you did when you were single. We are a local self storage austin location that offers affordable self storage for all your storage needs.

Here are some tips to help you and your spouse successfully relocate as a unit to a brand new home:

1. Determine your preferences

The first thing you should do is determine the kind of  home which would suit you best. If you’re just starting out, the both of you will need to figure out how you will divide basic housing expenses such as rent or mortgage and utilities.

2. Assess your priorities

Once you’ve settled on a budget and have a basic idea of where you want to live, the next thing to do is discuss your individual desires. How many bedrooms and bathrooms should your new home have? Do you want a patio or backyard? Each of you will have his or her own idea about what’s important in a new home so you’ll need to compromise.

3. Consult with a real estate professional

A good realtor will be able to give you insider information about where you want to move and insight into market values. They’ll also go over all the necessary procedures and forms to help you and your spouse make the best possible decision about where to live next.

4. Get your utilities in order

Before you actually leave your old home, you and your spouse will need to work together to prepare your new one for occupancy. This will mean contacting local utility companies for electricity, gas, water, cable and telephone services. Be ready to give them exact dates for when you want everything turned on.

5. Determine how you will move

You will have to hire a moving company or use a moving truck. If you and your spouse were not living together before you got married, your move will involve several trips. You will need to figure out how you want to handle this and whether or not it would be best–especially if you decide to do this yourselves–to make the move over several days.

Lone Star Self-Storage can make relocating to your newlywed home easier. We offer storage units in five different sizes to suit every moving need. Whether you want to use our facilities for short or long-term storage, we can accommodate you with easy-on-your-budget, month-to-month contracts.  Get your new life together off to a more hassle-free start, contact us today!  Reach out and see how our self storage austin facility can help you save money on all your self storage needs.

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