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At some point in life, you may need to use a self storage facility to guarantee the safety of your items. But do all self storage facilities provide similar services? What do your require to know so as to ensure that your belongings are safely stored? This brief write up focuses on 5 brilliant tips and tricks that you’ll find useful while using (or looking for) self storage facilities. Austin self-storage facility that provides affordable storage rates, with a centrally located location.

1.  Find a good self storage company
Well, obviously, Lone Star Self-Storage is the best.  The foremost thing to consider while looking for a place to store your items is security. Lone Star has the following:

  • At least one person on premises throughout the day, often three or more
  • Key-code access
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Reinforced units
  • High quality locks
  • Administrative policies
  • Routine property checks daily

We also provide:

  • A variety of unit sizes
  • Pest management
  • Outside Storage
  • Supportive services
  • Maximum access to your unit
  • Reasonable terms of service

2. Packing your items
The next important step is packing your items. As for the delicate items, wrap them in old newspapers and use furniture drawers to hold them safely. Toys and smaller objects should be packed in their original packaging. Due to security and safety reasons, you should avoid packing combustible or perishable items. With garden equipment, ensure that you drain any fluids before packing them to avoid corrosion. Mattresses should be covered and placed on level surfaces. The thumb rule here is to ensure that everything is packed in such a way that it’s completely safe from any hazards (either natural or human caused).

3. Read the agreement form carefully
It’s very important that you carefully read all our terms and conditions. This is so as to avoid small errors that may lead to major complications. Some of the important points on the agreement form are:

  • Payment date.
  • Contacts section.
  • Terms and conditions section.

4.  Plan your storage
Once you’ve signed the agreement form, the next step is to ensure that every item is in the right place. Lone Star will provide you with the right unit(s) depending on the amount and sizes of your items. You should plan your items in such a way that they can easily be accessed. Be sure to allow for walkways and leave some space between your items and the wall for ventilation.

5. Lock and keep checking
Once each of your valuable belongings has been safely packed within the storage unit, lock with a high quality lock. Ensure that your lock is hard to cut or break. Whenever necessary, you can access your items to ensure that they’re completely safe.

Austin self-storage facility that provides affordable storage rates, with a centrally located location.

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