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Is your collection of cassette tapes, VHS cassettes, CDs and laserdiscs taking up more room than you have in your home? Putting it into storage could help you make the room you need. Before you box up your music, films and games, you do need to take the time to ensure that the entertainment you love is properly packed away.

Pack media in solid cases

Depending on the size of your collection, you have a number of different storage options. You can put your VHS tapes and CDs in media boxes or a cabinet with doors. If you want to more easily access what you have, you can put your items in multimedia storage towers. A floor-to-ceiling bookcase is another option, especially if you have a large collection.

Focus on organization

You may also want to organize your media so that what you own is together by basic type (music, film, games). It may also be helpful to arrange those groups alphabetically

If you have a large collection, consider a two-step process. Separate items into two piles: one for everything with titles that start with A to M and another for everything with titles that start with N to Z. Then create separate piles for each letter of the alphabet and alphabetize by letter. You can adapt this process if you choose to organize by genre or date.

Keep out of UV light and away from moisture

To avoid degradation of image and sound quality, store items away from sunlight and humidity. Not maintaining the proper storage environment for CDs and DVDs can cause them to get disc rot, which occurs when the aluminum layer of the disc begins to oxidize. When you play the disc, the rot will cause colored lines and dots to appear on the screen.

Beware of temperature

Extreme temperature adversely affects most forms of media and can cause melting or other kinds of irreversible damage. That’s why it’s important to put your disks and cassettes in a place that is protected from too much heat and too much cold.

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