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4 Self Storage Common Sense Tips – Austin Storage

Lone Star Self-Storage can offer you the space you need to hold on to the things you can’t keep in your home or office. But there are some things you need to know about storage facility use. Austin Storage that can help solve your storage needs.

Here is some self-storage advice.

1. Read the lease
You get most of the information you’ll need from the lease you sign with us. So read it carefully.

2. Approved storage unit uses
Generally speaking, you can keep any personal belongings in one of our storage units. These can include household items like furniture, books and paintings or merchandise you keep as part of a business inventory.  But you can’t store illegal items such as drugs or materials that could cause harm such as explosives. You also can’t use a storage unit as a place to live.

3. Keep up rent payments
Texas law states that if rent obligations are not met, a facility like Lone Star Self-Storage can seize your property. If, after receiving written notice that rent is overdue, you still don’t pay the outstanding balance, we can hold an auction to sell the items in your unit.

4. Have insurance on your items and store valuableables in a safety deposit box
At Lone Star Self-Storage, we do our best to ensure that your items are safe from both nature’s wrath and human criminal activity. Our units are weatherproofed and reinforced. And for security, we use high-quality locks and facility access codes. But it’s wise to have insurance on your items, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred. If your items are especially valuable, it’s probably better to keep them in a safety deposit box.

No matter how large or small your storage needs, Lone Star Self-Storage has you covered. We’re also a company that’s up front with all our clients about what we can provide, which is the best self-storage anywhere in Austin.

When you’re looking to do business with company that people trust, contact us!

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