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Garage Sales and Moving Get The Coupon After (or before) a garage sale, consider Lone Star Self Storage for your items. It doesn’t matter if you have a big family or are single: when it comes time to relocate, you will need to downsize before the big day [...]

Moving on a Budget Get The Coupon Lone Star Self Storage in Austin can save you money while you move. Moving is hard work: it’s also not cheap to do. But you don’t need to break the bank to get to your next home: with some careful advance [...]

Making Your Next Move Easier Get The Coupon Moving can be a pain, but usingLone Star Self Storage can lessen it. Moving can be an exciting adventure but also a giant headache. While you may be looking forward to the changes, organizing your belongings efficiently and trying to figure [...]

Treasure Hunting in Self-Storage Units Get The Coupon Self storage can not only save you money, it may even make you money off auctions. Americans are participating in a new fad: treasure-hunting in abandoned self-storage units. According to a recent article in the Contra Costa Times, “public [auctions] of [...]