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The documents in your office are taking up more space than your business is.  You plan to put them in self-storage.  But do you know the right way to preserve them from the external elements that can permanently damage them? TX Self Storage facility that offers affordable self storage rates in South Austin.

Outside factors like temperature, light and humidity can affect paper.  Light and heat can cause inks to fade and accelerate the aging/browning process.  And warm, moist air can cause mold spores to sprout.

The good news is that you can prevent damage to your business documents by taking the following three steps:

1.      Pack items in a dry environment

Keep things dry from the start.  And once your papers are in boxes, be sure to keep everything away from any ambient moisture.  Otherwise, and as soon you get your items into the storage unit, mold will grow quickly and cause damage.

2.      Consider investing in plastic storage boxes

Cardboard boxes are cheaper, but plastic ones are more durable.  They also resist moisture, dust and insects better than cardboard.  You may want to use them for your most important documents.

3.      Keep documents elevated

It’s wise to have some kind of shelving system in place in your storage unit that will allow you to keep boxes off the floor.  This way, in the unlikely event of a flood, your documents will be away from the water.  They’ll also have better air circulation to help keep them dry in the event they do get wet.

You can also protect your documents by storing them at Lone Stone Self-Storage.  We monitor our key-code access-only facility, which is enclosed by perimeter fencing and routine property checks.

Records are vital to your business.   So when you need an outside location that’s as convenient as it is economical to house those documents, Lone Star is here to help. Contact us today!

TX Self Storage facility that offers affordable self storage solutions for residents in South Austin.

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