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Spring Break Self-Storage Ideas – Storage Ideas 

Quite possibly one of the most popular time to rent a self-storage unit, springtime is typically a time for spring cleaning, moving, and, of course, college and other students who are out of school for a week or more.  Storage units are easy to find in South Austin.  Lone Star Self Storage offers self storage at affordable prices that most household budgets can afford.  Some storage ideas that can be utilized is with storing holiday decorations.  Instead of filling up your closets, get a storage unit for storing those instead.


Many students opt to swap out their winter clothing and sports gear for spring-appropriate items, but storage space in dorms or apartments with minimal square footage can make it difficult to store items. That’s where Austin, TX self-storage solutions come in.  

Spring is the perfect time to rent a storage unit where you’ll have a safe, climate-controlled area to keep your valuables, clothing, furniture, and other belonging.   


The Best Things to Store During Spring Break 

Many students (and parents) want to rotate spring and winter wardrobes as spring break starts. Self-storage is also great for storing other materials that may not get much use over the next few months.   

Popular things to store during spring break include:  

  • Electronics 
  • Books 
  • Furniture 
  • Sports equipment 

In addition to these popular self-storage items, there are sometimes studentspecific reasons to utilize self-storage during spring break. Depending on a student’s major, it can be a good idea to rent a self-storage unit to store bulky, project-related items.   

From camera equipment to elaborate structural projects, dorms typically do not have adequate space to store these items. Students can also use self-storage to keep hard copies of research papers and other important documents safe.  

Putting these items in a secure self-storage unit allows parents and students to spring clean at their own pace and easily access items they may need more frequently. Consulting with a self-storage staff member is recommended if you are unsure of the size of space needed to store belongings so be sure to speak with staff.   There are many storage ideas that you can benefit from that can help make your storage as beneficial as possible.

Start Your Spring Break Storage Today 

The high-demand spring season is rapidly approaching so if you are looking for spring break self-storage, now is the time to get started. If you are in the Austin, Texas area, Lone Star Storage Center has a convenient location to suit your needs.  

Lone Start Storage Center has welcoming staff that will work with you to find the perfect storage solutions for your needs. In addition, Lone Star Storage Center has all your moving and storage supply needs covered. From boxes, to tape, to moving equipment like dollies, the staff at Lone Star Storage Center is there to make sure your experience is stress-free.   

For the best self-storage at the most affordable rates, call or stop by Lone Star Storage Center today. 

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storage ideas

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