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Storage units South Austin that is centrally located and affordable.

Self-Storage Tips for your Garden Hose – Storage units south austin

Late fall and winter is the time when Austin gets colder and wetter. With cooler outdoor temperatures and less watering to do, you may find that you don’t use your garden hoses as much. The smart thing to do is to put them away in storage. Storage units South Austin that are centrally located and priced to meet everyone’s household budget.

Not doing so could actually create problems for you when the weather warms up again and the rain stops. Here’s why:

  • water left inside the hose can freeze, which can weaken the lining
  • mildew may grow from water inside the hose
  • hoses can crack if they remain sharply bent for extended periods
  • hoses left on the ground may suffer from dry rot

Following are the basic steps you need to take to drain your hose:

Step# 1:  disconnect your hose

Step #2:  remove all attachments

Step #3:  drain it completely by keeping the disconnected end elevated and walking the length of the hose to make sure that all the water has dripped out

Step #4: coil the dry hose, making sure there are no kinks.

Step #5: connect the end fittings to keep out insects

Step #6: store the hose in a warm location, on a hanger or shelf.

You can make the job slightly easier on yourself by doing it now while the weather is not as chilly as it will become later on. Warmer garden hoses are more pliable and easier to work with than colder ones.

A good place to store your garden hose – along with any other tools you won’t need – is Lone Star Self Storage. We have storage units in six different sizes to accommodate every budget. Better still, our contracts are month-to-month, which means no long-term commitment.

Don’t clutter up your garage this fall and winter with hoses and other equipment you won’t be using again until spring. Contact us today and let us show you the easy way to store your gardening tools today!

Storage units South Austin that are centrally located and affordable for most households.

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