Hobbies play an essential role in our lives. They keep us entertained and relaxed. Having a hobby allows us to let loose and focus on our passion. However, the issue with hobbies comes when we let them take over our entire life, including spaces in our homes.

From knitting, photography, and fishing to collecting memorabilia, hobbies tend to build up over time until they can take over much of the space in our homes. To keep up with our passion, we sometimes have to say goodbye to our guest room, sunroom, or garage.

There is a solution that does not involve giving up your interests. Hobbyists can take advantage of self-storage units to reclaim areas of their homes. Storage facilities have many amenities to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Let’s look at the most popular hobbies that can take advantage of self-storage.


Photography can be a profession to some but a hobby to many. From digital to analog cameras, hobbyists explore all the methods to capture moments and every adventure.

If you love photography, you might have expanded your kit over the years – from lenses, camera components, tripods, prints, to film rolls, your hobby would be incomplete without them.

Self-storage is the perfect way to protect your precious equipment. Every component used for photography gets stored in a room with an ideal temperature. This controlled climate prevents humidity, excessive moisture, and dust build-up that can damage your valuables.

Lone Star Self Storage facilities has 24/7 security to keep your belongings safe and in optimum condition.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you frequent ski resorts during winter, you might already own a lot of gear. Hobbyists tend to gather equipment over the years gradually because although it can be expensive to guy, it often works out to be more economical than renting equipment.

Not only can you save rental costs but also use the type of equipment you prefer. Like with any other hobby, storage for your gear during the off-season can take up a lot of space. Storing your equipment in a spare room or garage can make the room less functional. At some point, you might find it difficult to store your all your gear in the spare room when your collection accumulates.

You can utilize affordable storage facilities at Lone Star to maintain the condition of your winter equipment. Storing them solves the clutter while keeping your belongings clean, dry, and secured. It also allows you to retrieve them with ease. Instead of letting them get cramped in your home, you can keep them organized using self-storage.

Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking

Some hobbyists prefer exploring the great outdoors while getting immersed in nature. Fishing, kayaking, and hiking are great activities but the equipment needed to make this possible can take up a lot of space around your house.

Keep your rods, reels, mountain boots, travel bags, tents, and more in self-storage. This option allows you to declutter your home while making sure your gears remain in good shape. Keeping your valuables in a nearby storage unit facilitates easy access and convenience.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great pastime that lets you use your creativity while making art or functional items. Over the years, your collection might accumulate, which can overwhelm your home with crafting supplies.

You don’t need to give up your hobby to free up some space in your home. Instead, look for affordable self-storage units to keep canvas, paint, stickers, scrapbooks, fabric, and foam. Storing your tools and materials in storage units allows you to organize your materials so you can easily access them. Instead of limiting your art supplies, you can stock up on things in self-storage. You won’t have to think twice when you come across a bargain.

Collector’s Items

Many collectors acquire all sorts of things. From stamps, antiques, records to toys, maintaining your collection requires ample space and keeping your collector’s items safe is important.

Self-storage units are ideal for keeping the collector’s items in optimum condition. A moderate temperature is maintained to prevent excessive moisture, humidity, and bacteria from getting into your treasures.

Restoration Projects

Are you a hobbyist who enjoys performing restoration projects? From bringing back life to antique clocks to upcycling furniture, restoration projects are always worth your time. If you are fond of sifting through engines and upholstered furnishings, you might want to designate storage for your materials.

Your Hobby Shouldn’t Stop You from Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free

You don’t need to get rid of your hobby to declutter your home. Keep your materials and collections in good shape with self-storage.

If you’re wondering “is there self-storage near me?” the answer is Yes! Whatever your hobby is, we have the right unit for you. We offer storage facilities in different shapes and sizes at affordable prices. For inquiries and reservations, contact our self-storage facility in Austin, TX today!