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Self Storage Do’s and Don’ts – Self Storage Austin

Self storage Austin provider that is located in South Austin, providing affordable self storage unit rates.  You can use your use your Lone Star Self-Storage unit to house anything – almost. When you rent from us, you need to remember that if you use the unit in ways that are (1) unlawful, (2) unwise and/or (3) unethical, you could cause yourself (and others) a lot of unnecessary grief.


Unlawful items generally include anything that can bring about serious harm or injury to others.

  • toxic and/or hazardous substances – this could include anything from paint thinners to industrial chemicals to gasoline.
  • illegal drugs
  • bombs


Unwise items to store are those things that, under the right circumstances, can result in potentially unpleasant – and expensive – consequences for you.

  • combustibles – these can include cars, lawnmowers and any other appliance that uses gasoline.
  • food – any food that is not in cans could attract cockroaches, mice or even rats.
  • perfumes – if perfume bottles are not sealed or get broken, the smell could infiltrate your unit as well those of your potentially perfume-sensitive neighbors.
  • aerosols – hairsprays and other aerosols could explode, especially during the long, hot Austin summers.
  • plants – even if you put them in your unit temporarily, they can attract unwelcomed visitors like ants and other insects.
  • firearms – even legal firearms like hunting guns can pose a threat to anyone who does not know how to use them.

All of these items are also illegal to keep in a storage unit.

  • animals
  • people
  • stolen and/or pirated merchandise, including cars

Storing anything on this list isn’t smart. But renting a unit from Lone Star Self-Storage to put away ordinary household and/or business items is. We guarantee competitive pricing and no-hassle, month-to-month leases on all our units and parking spaces. Contact us today and let us show you a better way to store the things that matter most!

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