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Storage unit near me is a hot topic in storage these days. Look no further because Lone Star Self Storage offers affordable storage solutions.

Storage unit near me – Moving Out and Going Solo for the First Time – storage unit near me

Are you a high school or college senior getting ready to move out on your own for the first time? You’ll definitely be in for an exciting ride. But with your new-found freedom will come responsibilities.  If you are wondering where to find storage unit near me, then look no further because Lone Star Self Storage is centrally located in South Austin.

Here are some things you may want to think about before you pack up the U-Haul or call the local movers:

  • Finances –  You need to make sure that you have–or will have–a job that will allow you to at least pay rent and other bills and let you buy food. You’ll also need to have enough money saved up for your security deposit and for basic furnishings. If you’re just beginning your credit and/or employment history, chances are you may need your parents or friends to help you co-sign or guarantee an apartment for you.
  • Where you will move – Once you’ve figured out how much you can afford to pay for rent then you’ll need to choose a neighborhood that’s right for you. Among the things you’ll need to consider are affordability, transportation issues (e.g., whether you’ll be near public transportation and how much it will cost you to get to and from work) and how close you will be to amenities such as markets, shopping centers and parks.
  • Finding an apartment and/or roommates –   It’s probably a good idea to start looking for a place to live a few weeks–and if you can manage it, a month or two–before you actually move. This is because some cities (for example, Austin) have high occupancy rates and it can be quite difficult to locate a place to live quickly.  If you’re short on cash,  roommates can help offset expenses.  You can use the Internet as well as the newspaper and rental agencies to help you find home or apartment shares.
  • Set up your utilities – If you move into a new apartment solo, you’ll need to set your apartment up for occupancy. Make sure that you get your utilities–such as electricity, water, the Internet and cable TV–turned on before you move. If you wait until the last minute to do this, you’ll likely be stumbling around by candlelight your first night in your new place.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not you’ll be taking all of your belongings with you or putting them in storage. At Lone Star Self- Storage, you can choose from a variety of different unit sizes according to your needs and budget.    We require no deposit or long-term commitment, so moving in and out of your unit is easy. So when you’re ready to move out into the big wide world, let us help you make that transition a little easier. Contact us today!

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