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8 Ways to Reuse Your Moving Materials Around the House – Texas Storage Space

Did you know that the average American generates over 1600 pounds of garbage a year? You may not see this on a daily basis but it becomes more evident the moment you begin unpacking from a move.  If you are in need of Texas Storage Space, then give us a call.

Before you throw all that newspaper, cardboard and bubble wrap into the trash, consider how you could reuse that material around the house. Following are some suggestions for transforming trash into treasure:

  • Use boxes as storage units – Those things you can’t find a place for in your new home can go into a cardboard box. Alternately, you can use boxes to store documents, books or even any unused packing materials that remain from your move.
  • Create padded mailers –  You can use bubble wrap to make lined envelopes. Cut two pieces in the size you need and glue them into place.
  • Insulate your windows – You can either tape bubble wrap to your windowpanes or frame it the same way you would a window screen. If you choose the latter option, you can remove or replace the insulation without leaving tape on the glass.
  • Line your refrigerator – Delicate fruits like kiwis, nectarines and pears can bruise easily. Putting bubble wrap on the walls and bottom of the produce drawers in your fridge can prevent this.
  • Protect your garage floor – You can prevent your garage floor from getting stained by laying down some cardboard, especially under vehicles and machines that may be leaking oil.
  • Clean up spills –  Newspaper that you’ve used for packing makes a great low-budget paper towel. Try it when cleaning your windows or mopping up spills on non-carpeted floors.
  • Remove shoe odor – If your shoes are a little smelly, line them with some newspaper before you go to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning and remove the paper, the odor will be gone.
  • Make your own trash can –  A cardboard box makes an excellent trash container. Just remember not to put any liquid trash in it.

After you’ve unpacked, you may also find that you’ll be needing more storage space for your belongings than your new home is able to provide. At Lone Star Self-Storage, you’ll find all the room you need to safely store all those wonderful things you just can’t do without. Our units range from 5 X 5  (the size of the small bathroom) to 10 X 20 (can store the contents of a 5-bedroom house) and are priced for all budgets.  If you have the stuff, we have the space.  Visit or contact us today!

It is easy to find Texas Storage Space, that is centrally located in South Austin.  Give us a call and see how we an be of service.

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