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The Right Way to Lift and Carry Heavy Boxes and Objects – austin storage

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Regardless of whether you’re relocating and have to carry heavy boxes between places or are just lifting a few heavy items around in your home or office, you need to be careful.  Lifting and carrying objects incorrectly can pull muscles, tire the body and cause excruciating back pain.  That’s why proper technique is imperative.

Here is a checklist you can use to get the job without injuring yourself in the process:

#1  Look at the box or object you want to move carefully.  If you can’t move it without help, then find someone who can assist.

#2  If you can move the item, then stand with your feet positioned one shoulder width apart. Be sure the ground is level and free of all obstacles, then put one foot next to the box/object and the other in front of it.

#3  Bend with your knees down to the box/object.  Keep your back straight by tucking your chin into your chest.

#4  Grab the box/object with open palms and spread fingers.  Grasp under the item for a secure grip.

#5  Shift your weight into your feet and lift using your leg muscles; push up from your legs as well.  Make sure your heels are firmly planted into the ground.

#6  Keep your arms and elbows close to your body and the box/object close to your chest.

#7  Choose the shortest, most direct route to your destination and avoid twisting your body as you walk.

#8  When you reach your destination, lower the box/object by bending at the knees.  Do not bend from the waist, as this can strain your lower back muscles.

Knowing how to lift and carry objects is important, but so is ensuring that you have a place to store those items that your new (or current) home can’t accommodate.  At Lone Star Self-Storage, we offer no-hassle storage solutions to fit every budget. Our contracts are month-t0-month, so there’s no long-term commitment.  When you need a safe, secure place to put your belongings, contact us!  Austin storage can be affordable.  Reach out and let us show you how.

Call Lone Star Self Storage for valuable self-storage help when moving. (512) 444-4232.

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