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Lone Star Self Storage provides Self-Storage Services, that are priced for anyone to afford.

The minimalist lifestyle has really taken off in the past decade and many people are looking for ways to simplify their lives. At its core, minimalism means decluttering and finding ways to keep living and office spaces organized and neat. People have embraced minimalism as a stress-reducing way to live that promotes relaxation in a space that is open and airy and houses only the necessities or items that bring joy. For people looking to embrace minimalism, self-storage is a wonderful tool to get the process started. Lone Star Self Storage provides Self-Storage Services, that are priced for anyone to afford.

Self-Storage and Minimalism: The Perfect Combination

When it comes to making the transition to a minimalist lifestyle, the thought of going through decluttering can seem somewhat overwhelming. Conventional wisdom will tell you to just throw away anything that you rarely use or don’t absolutely love, but it’s not always that simple. Instead of tossing everything out, carefully sort through your items and categorize them. Separate items that are of sentimental value but are rarely used from those that are used seasonally and consider putting those items in a self-storage unit. You can also store things that you are not sure about parting with.

Choosing the right self storage unit for your needs will involve several factors. Unit size is the main thing to think about when looking for a self storage unit in Austin, TX. The size of the self storage will be based on how many things you need to store as well as how frequently you plan to access the items. If you will be regularly visiting the unit to retrieve items, make sure you select a unit that is large enough to accommodate your items while leaving enough space to maneuver when you need to get into the unit.

After sorting your items, determine which items can be tossed or donated. You can hold a yard sale or, better yet, store items for sale in your self storage unit. These items can be listed in local online marketplaces and you can meet buyers at your storage unit to complete the sale. Self-storage units are a better alternative to selling your items from your home since you are able to reduce the clutter while still having a safe place to store your belongings.

If you are trying to decide if an item should stay or go, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Have I used this item in the past 6 months?
  • Do I have more than one of the same items?
  • For clothing, when was the last time I wore this and does it fit properly?

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and it’s important to think about what you hope to accomplish by putting items into self storage. Avoid the tendency to shift clutter to the storage unit by organizing your items and discarding items that are rarely used and cannot be sold. Utilize boxes, bins, and other organizational tools to keep your storage unit tidy so it is easy to find stored items when you need them.

Lone Star Storage Center: The Best Self Storage in Austin, TX

Serving the Austin, Texas, area with six convenient locations, Lone Star Storage Center offers a variety of storage spaces to fit your needs. In addition, each location offers a full line of packing and moving supplies.  To further assist you, Lone Star Storage Center’s staff is available to help you choose the right storage unit and help to make your experience as pleasant as possible. 

If you are searching for a professionally managed, affordable, and secure storage unit for your needs, look no further than Lone Star Self Storage. Lone Star Self Storage provides Self-Storage Services, that are priced for anyone to afford.

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