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Let’s face it, moving can be chaotic. Between going through everything you
own, packing or throwing out belongings, tidying the place up, and
potentially selling (if you are a homeowner), there is a lot that can go
wrong. For that reason, self-storage is a commonsense solution that can
help you throughout your moving journey.

Having a self-storage unit can eliminate some of the stress associated with
moving by prompting you to de-clutter, organize, and label your items so
they can be easily moved and managed. Some of the benefits of packing
and storing your items using self-storage are:

● Mitigating any time gaps between moves
● Decluttering your current residence for staging, cleaning, etc.
● Keep tabs on the moving process
● Deciding what you need
● Keeps your belongings safe and organized
● Prepping for the move ahead of time to make move-in at the next
place more efficient

Managing Your Timeline

Unfortunately, lease expiry and home closings do not always line up
perfectly. If you are unable to move into your next space by the time you
have to leave your current one, self-storage gives you the flexibility to put
your belongings away for safekeeping during the gap. If you find yourself in
that position, obtaining a storage unit can be a quick and satisfactory
solution while you wait. That way, your belongings are in a safe place and
you don’t have to worry about lugging them around everywhere you go or
leaving them with family and friends.

This also applies if you are unsure about what you want to keep or where
you want to put furniture and other items. For some, it makes sense to
strategize what will go where ahead of time. Self-storage can help you
gradually move into your next space with confidence.

Keeping Tabs

It may make sense to use self-storage if you are between places or would
like to keep a close eye on any specific items. When you control the
process, you can keep an inventory of what is packed and where so that
you feel at ease about where your belongings are when the time comes to
unpack. Additionally, having a list helps you monitor what you own or might
still need for the next place so you can purchase items without accidentally
doubling up.

Decluttering the Space

When prepping for a move, it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially when
you realize that you own way more than you thought you did and you find
yourself getting distracted trying to sell or throw away things you no longer
need. In some cases, you might also be trying to sell your residence on top
of all that. Self-storage is a great way to clear out the non-essentials.

Cutting down on distracting clutter and obstacles is one sure way to reduce
the amount of time wasted in the moving process. It can also make your
home more visually appealing for the next occupant, helping them visualize
how they might use the space and helping you close the sale of your home.

Buying Yourself Time to Plan

It is rare that every item from your current place is going to have a place or
fit in perfectly at the next. When you first walk into the new, empty space, it
can be challenging to visualize everything you own and whether it will be a
good fit. By investing in self-storage, you afford yourself the flexibility to
move things in at your own pace and decide what makes sense for you and
your vision. This also saves you the overwhelming feeling of having a pile
of furniture and boxes in the middle of the room and trying to decide where
to begin.

As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

A Space for Special Items

Self-storage provides the opportunity to protect valuables and other
personal belongings. In the shuffle of moving, there is always the risk of
breaking fragile objects. By storing the items you would like to keep safe
while moving the others, you can be assured that they will stay in the exact
condition you intended. Then once you are settled in, you can take your
time moving these precious items in.

Getting a Head Start on Moving

Finally, planning and preparing ahead of your big move can do wonders for
reducing the stress and anxiety associated with moving. Self-storage gives
you more room to work within your current space while also getting your
items squared away for when you need them later on. Many times self-
storage units provide dollies and carts to aid you in your move. This can
really speed up the moving process and ensure you will not be tripping over
unnecessary boxes and furniture as you move about.

Additionally, self-storage gives you the opportunity to sort through what
needs to go and parse down your items so there is less to move. When you
prepare all the items for self-storage, you can label the containers and
create a diagram of where everything is stored to prepare for when they will
be moved out of the unit.

Helping You Take Control

In taking these steps, you are effectively preparing yourself for moving
success. Self-storage helps you take control over your time, space, and
belongings. When the time comes, you will be able to take your belongings
quickly and efficiently to their new home while avoiding the stress of
scrambling. When all is said and done, you will thank yourself for using self-
storage in preparation of your big move!

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