It is a challenge for every business to declutter the office space. Files, documents, equipment, and furniture accumulate around the workspace over the years. New inventories, supplies, and transaction documents replace the older ones. But let’s face it, the older items never really leave the office. When miscellaneous items start piling up, cleaning becomes a difficult task.

Before you begin decluttering your workspace, you should prepare an inventory. This inventory should detail all the items in the office for a comprehensive organization. It is an opportunity for everyone in the office to assess the things that take up space on the workstation and its surrounding areas. Determine the items you want to keep, take home, discard, or place in storage.

Renting an affordable storage unit at Lone Star Self Storage lets you keep the seldom-used essential items that take up space in the office. The units are perfect for storing office supplies, documents, and other items crowding up your workspace. To highlight the advantages of decluttering your office using affordable storage units, here are points to consider to help make your decluttering project a success.

Declutter as a Team

The first thing that you need to do to get started is to form a plan. Take a few steps back to examine your office space.

Can you walk around the bullpen without hitting your co-workers’ things? Does the reception area look pleasing to the eye when you arrive? Is the break room neat and tidy?

After conducting an in-depth assessment, take note of the issues in every corner of the office so you can address them when you begin decluttering. As soon as you finish your assessment, it’s best to share it with your colleagues. Let them know about the plan and get their input, as every extra hand counts.

Work with your colleagues to distinguish the items that you need to discard or keep. They can take home personal items that they barely use in the office instead of adding it to the clutter. Give them a deadline to purge the items in their workstation.

Decluttering your workspace as a team promotes camaraderie. It gets everyone involved in the fight against clutter. When everyone is proactive, the team realizes how much clutter affects workflow.

Cleaning your Desk

Decluttering your desk is an enriching task. After cleaning your desk, you get to navigate around your workstation smoothly and more efficiently. Not only can it give you peace of mind, but it increases your productivity as well.

You can invest in affordable storage and compartment organizers to keep your drawers tidy and allow you to locate desk items quickly.

Sort Out the Electronic Devices and Office Equipment You Seldom Use

In a digitally-saturated world, electronic devices and equipment are essential. Although these items tend to take up space, they keep the workflow efficient. To keep them neat, make sure you keep cables and wires attached to electronic devices organized. You can tame all the power cords using zip ties to declutter the areas of the workspace.

From phones, printers, and computers to photocopy machines, offices regularly upgrade their devices to maintain productivity. When these things break, business operations slow down. But what happens to the outdated equipment? They are most likely neglected around the office, taking up substantial space. To resolve this problem, get rid of them or place them in a self-storage unit. Keeping them in storage allows you to retrieve them when you need them.

Decluttering Office Files and Documents

Most offices hold multiple years of files and records. Previous years’ records can be held in self storage for safekeeping.

Many workspaces also designate a reference library that has books and reference materials relevant to the industry. Regular evaluation of these items gets facilitated to assess their importance. You can store reference materials if they are needed infrequently.

Free Up Your Office Space with Lone Star Self-Storage Units

Instead of having to throw away office items, an affordable storage unit prevent clutter in your workspace while keeping your extra office supplies safe and secured. When you place your office inventory in Lone Star’s self-storage units, you can be sure that your items are in optimum condition at all times. There are multiple sizes of secure storage facilities to choose from.

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