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Lone Star Self Storage provides self storage service that are priced so that all households can afford it.

Protect your Inventory with Self Storage – self storage services

One of the first things you will face when starting your reselling business is the need for space to store your inventory. Whether you are reselling items on Amazon, eBay or even from your personal eCommerce website, you will likely require a storage space big enough to hold items temporarily before a buyer comes around. For many resellers, this is one major reason why they fear scaling their reselling business. Lone Star Self Storage provides self storage service that are priced so that all households can afford it.


If you are a reseller in the Austin, TX area, we’ll provide you with some of the best tips on how to store your inventory temporarily before a buyer to take them off your hands.


Self-Storage Tips to Protect Your Inventory as a Reseller 


There are a variety of ways you can sort and store inventory in a self-storage unit. Since you will likely access your inventory on a regular basis, organization is important. Some of the best options for inventory organization include: 


Bins: Made of plastic, wood, or metal, bins are one of the oldest methods of storing items temporarily. If you have a large storage unit, consider using bins for your inventory. Bins can be conveniently stacked to save space and are ideal for storing items like bedding, clothing or any other soft goods. Bins are also easy to label so it’s easy to find what you need quickly. 


Shelving: Shelving of varying heights can be used in self-storage to easily organize more fragile items like glassware, sculptures and liquid items. Shelves are open and allow you to easily visualize all items. 


Cabinets: for flat items like documents or artwork, it may be wise to store them in a closed cabinet. Many storage cabinets are stackable to save space and are designed to protect the contents from dust accumulation. 


Packing materials: If you regularly ship out items, it is a good idea to have packing materials handy. From bubble wrap to tape to shipping envelopes, storing these items in your Texas self-storage unit will allow you to pick inventory and ship it off in one easy step. 


Choose Lone Star Storage Center


There are many options for storage when it comes to temporarily storing your inventory as a reseller. If you don’t have room for a storage trailer or an extra room in your home, a secure self-storage unit is an easy solution. 


If you are looking for a secure self-storage unit in the Austin, Texas, area, look no further than Lone Star Storage Center. Proudly serving the Austin, Texas community, Lone Star Storage Center provides a range of storage unit options to meet your specific needs. With six convenient locations in greater Austin, TX, Lone Star Storage Center offers flexible storage options, conveniently online payments, and a full range of storage and packing supplies. and can even be paid for online. All Lone Star Storage Center locations offer top-notch security so you know your inventory is protected. 

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Lone Star Self Storage provides self storage service that are priced so that all households can afford it.

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