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Every move that you make impacts the environment. All of your belongings go into boxes that probably contain some form of insulation. When you unpack, those boxes and all that insulation eventually find their way into the trash. Then there’s the gas that gets used in the vehicle that actually transports your items. With a little pre-planning, though, you can lessen your carbon footprint.  Here are some tips:

1. Before you even begin to pack, evaluate what you want to keep and what you can give away. For those belongings you no longer need or want, consider donating them to the local Goodwill or putting them up for sale on eBay or Craigslist. The less you have to take with you, the better. We off s t o r a g e units priced for any budget.

2. Avoid buying boxes. Rather, ask your local supermarkets and department stores for used ones. If not, go online and check to see if any companies in your area rent recyclable crates and boxes. U-haul is one company that has a box exchange program which helps movers find the moving supplies they need.

3. Instead of using bubblewrap to insulate your belongings, use old newspapers and clothes. Socks and T-shirts are great for covering smaller valuables while newspapers provide excellent cushioning for glass and ceramic items. Old blankets and towels can protect larger items including furniture.

4. When all your boxes are packed, you’ll need to give your house a final scrub-down. Make sure that your cleaning supplies are green.  Earth-friendly companies such as Seventh Generation produce everything from fume-free window glass cleaner to recycled kitchen paper.

5. If you will be using professional movers to haul your belongings, ask to see whether the company uses bio-fueled trucks. If you will be doing the moving yourself, rent the smallest truck you can that can hold all of your valuables. Smaller trucks not only use less gas, they also tend to keep your belongings tightly packed which decreases the chance for any breakage.

6. You may find it helpful to put some of your items into s t o r a g e to keep your move small and manageable. Lone Star Self-Storage has storage units of all sizes to suit your specific needs for whatever length of time you require. Let us help you reorganize your life and keep the planet a little greener for everyone.

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