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4 Tips for Winter Self Storage Moving – Rent Storage Austin

Most people who have to relocate prefer to move during the summer. The weather is good and if children are involved, then they will be off from school and their studies won’t get interrupted. However, circumstances sometimes dictate that moves happen during the winter. Are you looking for quality Rent Storage Austin, to store your belongings.  Then you have came to the right place.

If you are in this situation and are finding yourself grumbling about it, know that winter moves have their advantages. Moving companies are more likely to give you a better deal because business is slow. And most of the people who work during this period are experienced employees rather than temporary hires brought in for the seasonal rush.

Following are some helpful tips to help you ensure that your wintertime move goes smoothly.

1. Be weather-prepared

On the way to your new digs, you may encounter severe weather conditions. Be sure to ask your moving company how they handle situations like this. Also inquire whether or you will incur fees if a move has to be canceled due to inclement weather. If you ask ahead of time, you might be able to get a discounted rescheduling fee.

2. Avoid packing liquids

Remember that when liquids freeze, they tend to expand and can break out of their containers. If you have any appliances or other items that contain freeze-vulnerable liquids, be sure to drain them out to avoid a mess later on.

3. Protect your belongings from the cold

Antique furniture, china and crystal may crack if subjected to cold temperatures. Don’t forget to ask your moving company about climate-controlled vehicles. Getting one may save you the trouble of having to replace irreparably damaged belongings.

4. Give yourself time

On the day of your move, start as early in the day as you can because working in cold weather takes more time and energy. You’ll also need the extra hours of daylight when you get out onto the road.

If you have belongings that you can’t immediately take with you to your new home, Lone Star Self-Storage can help. We offer affordable, month-to-month leases on both storage units and parking spaces. No matter the season or the reason,when you need an economical solution to your storage needs, contact us!

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